DegustaBox - April 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018
I'm lucky enough to be a DegustaBox ambassador so I receive the boxes each month to review! If you didn't know, DegustaBox is a UK food subscription box in which you will receive between 10 to 15 food, drink and snack items which I think is fantastic considering the low price and if you use the discount code KVAA2 it will make the box only £7.99 instead of £12.99. It's such an amazing value box!

The April box contains a wide range of items from sweets, chocolate and snacks to drinks, alcohol and more! There are so many more items within this box compared to the previous boxes which I love; the items are also very me and I've been able to try so many (usually there are a few that I can't eat because I'm a vegetarian/vegan).
*Mutti Passata (£1.40)
I use passata constantly for pasta sauce especially when I'm trying to eat extra healthily so I switch from more creamy pasta sauces to tomato sauce. I've tried this passata already and it has such a smooth texture. Passata and tomatos in general remind me of meals on holiday in Italy and it suits the gorgeous warm and sunny weather we have right now!

*Trek Protein Energy Chunks (£1.15 each)
I've noticed this brand on twitter recently so I'm glad that some of their products are included within the April Degustabox! I have the 'cocoa peanut peak' flavour which contains high protein fruit, oats and crunch chunks as well as the 'toffee triumph' flavour that contains a whopping 12g of protein per bag. They are gluten free, one of your five a day and they're vegan too which is fantastic. I've only tried the toffee triumph flavour so far and I love it!
*Happy Down Alcoholic Premix 
As I'm a Degustabox ambassador I am lucky enough to receive a few extra products within my box and I received two this month! The first is the Happy Down cocktail which is flavoured with lychee, guava and chilli. I love the packaging and it contains all natural flavours; additionally it's only 44 calories per 100ml and it is free from preservatives. I personally don't really drink so this isn't for me but I'll pass it onto a friend who'll love it.

*Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread 
The second item I received as an extra is the Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread which comes in a gigantic 600g jar! It contains 97% less sugar than the sugar based market products of it's kind and it is palm oil free (as part of the orangutan alliance) which is amazing! I have been having Nutella in my porridge recently so this item came at the perfect time as I've wanted to switch to a healthier version for a while. You can tell that there is less sugar and for me it doesn't quite match up to other spread like it but I will still continue to use it.

*Lucozade Energy Orange (£1.10)
I haven't had a Lucozade drink since secondary school in the 00's when it was the only thing we used to drink, along with Dr Pepper! The packaging and the taste is so incredibly nostalgic to me as it takes me back to sitting in the canteen in secondary school but sadly, it's not really my kind of thing anymore; however I know so many people who love it!
*Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes (£1)
I received a second item from the Italian brand, Mutti in the April box. The tin contains only Italian red finely chopped tomatoes and the brand is the winner of a prestigious Great Taste Award. I cannot wait start cooking with them as the weather is so nice and I'm craving all of the fresh summery foods!

*Haribo Giant Strawberries (£1.29)
As with the Lucozade drink, Haribo are very nostalgic to me too but sadly since becoming a vegetarian I've had to give them up (which was very difficult for 11 year old Heather) but thankfully these giant strawberries are suitable for vegetarians! I have actually eaten over half of the bag already....and I only received the box earlier this week, oops. I love the taste of these strawberry sweets, they are so artificial and sweet - I love it and I will have to buy more.

*The Food Doctor (£1 each)
Next up is a much healthier but equally as delicious snack! I haven't tried anything from The Food Doctor brand but it looks interesting. I received two snack packets including the flavours: Smokin' Edamame Mix and Full Of Beans Protein Mix. Each packet is high in fibre and high in protein which is great. I've only tried the first flavour so far but I loved it as not only is it healthy but it's crunchy and I love the slightly smokey flavour.
*Milkybar Wowsomes (55p each)
Growing up, I definitely had a sweet tooth for all kinds of sweets and chocolate but sadly the only ones I didn't like included Wagonwheels and Milkybars. The April box contains two of the new Milkybar Wowsomes bars which contain 33% less sugar than similar chocolate products and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They contain white and milk chocolate with oat cereal and a creamy centre. They are personally not for me annoyingly but I think so many people would love them!

*N!ck's Kexbar (£1.20)
Thankfully this next snack bar is right up my street and it is insanely delicious! It's from a Swedish brand and it contains no added sugar but you wouldn't know as it is so moreish, sweet and delicious. I had to stop myself from immediately eating the whole 40g bar in one go as I almost couldn't stop. I will definitely be searching for this bar in the UK as I need to stock up.

*Strawberry and Banana Liobites Smoothie Bites (£2.35)
A healthier snack is the Liobites Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Bites which are 100% fruit crisps (which is a healthy snack that I actually love). They are high in fibre, retain all of the vitamins from the fresh fruit and they only contain four natural ingredients. I've been snacking on them and the previous snack bar while writing this and I'm loving them.
*Juicy Fuel Cola (£2 each)
If you choose to receive the non-alcoholic DegustaBox then you'll receive one of the two flavours of this delicious cola drink - either blueberry or cherry. I receive the cherry flavour (thankfully as I hate blueberries) and it's so moreish. The flavour is similar to what I remember cherry flavoured Coca Cola being like but it's been so long since I drank that! It's all natural and it even contains one of your five a day!

*a2 Milk - Life Life Semi-Skimmed Cow's Milk (£1.50)
There are been so many incredible and very delicious items in the box so far; usually as a vegetarian I have to pass on a few items per box to friends and family members but within this box there is one that I definitely won't consume. Since I was in nursery (a very very long time ago), I refused to drink cows milk as I just didn't like it and for the next 22 years, I've continued to not drink cows milk so I'll be passing this onto someone else.

*Idahoan's Perfect Mash - Roasted Garlic (£1.50)
The final item is my favourite from the entire box - it's instant roasted garlic flavoured mash! I don't think I've ever had instant mash before now but this one is so delicious! It isn't as garlicky as I hoped it would be but I still love the flavour and it's so quick to make. I will definitely be buying this in the future!
*Mindful Bites - Nut Betters
A few items came a little late so I'm adding them in at the end of this post! The first are a set of four (one burst during delivery so I couldn't photograph it) nut butter pouches. I haven't seen anything like this before but I love the packaging design and the flavour options. I have only tried the 'almond and macaroons nut butter' flavour so far and it's so delicious! They'd be perfect on the go snacks!
*Juicy Fuel Cola 
The final item is the second flavour of the Juicy Fuel Cola which is blueberry flavoured. I've reviewed the cherry option above and I loved it! I didn't think I'd like the blueberry flavour as I don't like blueberries but this one is so delicious too, just not quite as nice as the cherry flavour. I'd definitely recommend these especially as they are one of your five a day!
Overall, the April DegustaBox is my favourite from the past few months! There are so many delicious snack items in the box as well as great cooking ingredients. The April box is one of the best value and delicious boxes I've received - don't forget to use the code KVAA2 to get your box for only £7.99!

What do you think of the April box? Have you tried any of these snacks? 


  1. Oh yum, these look so good!

    Candice | <a href="</a>

  2. Everything looks amazing!! I need one of these boxes xo

    Char |

  3. Worth it just for the Strawberries! They are SO good! I love those sweeties!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I drink a pint of milk every single day and have done for years and years. Funny how we are all so different x

  5. Apart from the alcoholic drink (I don't drink) I'd definitely eat all of this!


  6. Damn ! This post made me want to eat pasta !

  7. This is the first I'm hearing of this box! It looks like a great one, congrats on being an ambassador!!

  8. As someone who is trying to cut weight this post is torture haha!

  9. Aw those Haribo Strawberries take me back. Think I have a new pregnancy craving now!

    Roxie |

  10. So many yummy treats! I want to try the Milky Bar Oat one!

  11. I loved Lucozade so much but since they changed the recipe it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I would like to try those new Milkybars!

  12. The milkybar and haribo definitely look super yummy! X

  13. I saw some of the wowsomes and wanted to buy them yesterday! x

  14. Oh this looks so lovely! The milky bar wowsomes looks good!

  15. I didn't know Haribo Strawberries were veggie! I'm going to have to go out and buy a packet now ahah! xx

  16. I love cooking with passata too!


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