Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Today's post is my final Mother's Day gift guide for the year but don't worry as you still have time to find a gift and I hope that this post will give you some gift ideas for Mother's Day or for any upcoming birthdays you need to buy for. Thanks to the lovely and generous people over at Feather and Down, Innabox and Latest Deals!

*InnaBox Tea & Biscuits Pins (£6)
Let's start with the cutest item in todays post and it's from the wonderful and very talented Nicola from Innabox. She has such a fantastic range of unique pins, mugs, patches, jewellery and more, all of which feature amazing illustrations and very unique designs. I was kindly set this pin duo which is absolutely adorable and features mug and biscuit illustrations.

I think the design is so cute and very British with the mug of tea and biscuit illustrations! They're made of acrylic and stainless steel, the quality is great and the size is perfect as I don't like huge pins - the smaller size makes them even more adorable. They'd make a fantastic Mother's Day or birthday gifts. It's so important to support smaller, independent stores especially as it means that you get a unique gift so you're guaranteed to gift something the recipient won't have.
*Feather & Down Pillow Mist (£7, 100ml)
Now onto some of the most incredible smelling products I've ever used! I have been lucky enough to use some of these products already and I cannot recommend them enough. I've been used the heavenly Feather & Down pillow mist for the past few weeks on and off and I feel as though it genuinely helps me fall asleep and it's one of the most effective relaxation products to help me unwind.

The pillow mist contains chamomile and lavender, the latter is one of my all time favourite scents (along with cut grass and freshly baked bread). An independent study conducted with 103 people over a 4 week period confirms my experience of this product as they found that 83% of the people fell asleep quicker than usual when using this pillow mist. It's also a Beauty Awards 2017 winner! It would make a divine smelling gift for any hard working people in your life!
*Feather & Down Melting Shower Cream (£6, 250ml)
The next product is another favourite, I used up my first bottle a couple of weeks ago and I've been missing it ever since. It has the same wonderful, relaxing scent as the pillow mist but it's in a luxurious shower cream form. The shower cream contains lavender and chamomile essential oils and sunflower seed oil which makes for an indulgent, moisturising and extremely relaxing shower cream. You only need a small amount so a little will go a long away and it would be perfect to pair with the pillow mist for a sleep helping duo.

*Feather & Down All Purpose Sleep Balm (£7, 16g)
Lastly for the divine Feather & Down products is the sleep balm which can be used on the pulse points, wrists, temples or cuticles for a moisturising balm that helps to unwind before bed. As with the previous products it contains chamomile and lavender essential oils as well as coconut oil, cocoa seed butter and sunflower seed oil. All three would be great to include within a pampering, relaxation hamper for your mum this Mother's Day!
Image from Yankee Candle via Pinterest 
My final gift idea is one that I would personally love to receive - candles! Yankee Candle is one of my favourite candle brands and some of my favourite scents are from their food and halloween ranges (the Witches Brew scent is one of my all time favourite candle scents) but they can be a little pricey *annoyingly* but Latest Deals has numerous offers on Yankee Candle items. Latest Deals have so many great offers on a range of Yankee Candle candles, gift sets, candle accessories and candles of various sizes, from their large jars to the small jars and everything in-between. I personally love the Yankee Candle small jars as they are a great way of trying new scents without buying the huge large jars. Also the smaller jars tend to be on offer/sale more than their other items.

Candles make such an easy, safe gift for Mother's Day and this time of the year means that gorgeous spring-like and easter candles are being bought out and some of the equally as gorgeous wintery scents are being discounted. Latest Deals currently have great offers on gift sets, one of which I've already reviewed on my blog (check out my Mother's Day Gift Guide ft. Blueberry Tree for the review) and I cannot recommend their gift sets enough as they are not only great value for money but they smell so lovely and make substantial gifts. As well as the fantastic Yankee Candle deals, they also have deals on beauty gift sets, fragrances, pampering gift sets, homeware and more. Check out Latest Deals for so many offers on everything from Mother's Day gifts, birthday gifts, toiletries, tech accessories, books and many more items. Additionally, they have an up to date list on amazing freebies (for example, free books and samples) and competitions!

What do you think of my final Mother's Day gift ideas post? 

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  1. That Yankee candle looks so cute! How does it smell?

  2. That Yankee candle looks so cute! How does it smell?

  3. You really can't go wrong with a Yankee candle! Either myself or my sister always get our Mam one and she never tires of them.

  4. these are such good last minute gifts! i love the pins! candles are always a good shout too x

    Joyce Lau

  5. That Yankee Candle is adorable and I love the imagery! X

  6. STOP!! That candle is so adorable!!! Great gift ideas!

  7. Candles make the best presents. 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  8. I am so grateful for this post, I needed to see this!

    Danielle xx

  9. I seriously need to get a card !

  10. The feather and down range are so good! I’ve been trying them out recently and have fallen in love with them. I agree, they would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day x

  11. Tha kfuller my mum is really easy to but for and it was ordered weeks ago x

  12. I love a yankee candle as a gift, and I completely forgot the Bunny Cake candle would be out now, I need to get my hands on one ASAP! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  13. I’ve already bought my mum some Yankee Candles for Mother’s Day but the Bunny Cake scent looks like it smells nice.


  14. Yankee Candle is one of my fave candle brands too! Those pins are super cute :) xo

    Char |

  15. I'll never stop raving about Feather & Down. I adore their collection, especially the pillow mist.

    Roxie |

  16. I think that yankee candle is the cutest candle ever invented! 😍😍😍😍

  17. The Yankee Candle is so cute, I must try Feather & Down. X

  18. Feather and Down is one of my favourite brands at the minute and I think they'd make a fab gift for mums on Mother's Day! xx

  19. So many gorgeous picks! My mum would love the Feather & Down range!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  20. that yankee candle is ridiculously cute

  21. I have the bunny cake candle - too cute!

  22. Ohh I love the feather and Down range. So good!


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