Mother's Day Gift Guide: Sweet Treats

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
I know that Valentine's Day is almost here but we're also not far from Mother's Day which in the UK is on the 11th March so if you haven't started looking for gifts for your mum, guardian or grandma then you still have time to find the perfect gift. Today's post is my first Mother's Day gift guide and I'm focussing on sweet, feminine and spring-like gifts from Treats Direct, Bomb Cosmetics and Sudio Sweden.

*Treats Direct Box (£3.99)
You might not know this about me but while I'm not a massive chocolate, cake or biscuit fan, I do love sweets and candy! Before coming a vegetarian almost thirteen years ago, I used to love gummy sweets, Haribo and any kind of sour candy and if you're gift recipient has a sweet tooth too, Treats Direct has an amazing and unique gift idea!
Treats Direct create pre-set sweet boxes that will be filled with four compartments of sweets (the boxes are all individually sealed) from traditional sweets such as toffee, barley sugar, blackjacks, butter mints, chocolate eclairs, fruit salad and liquorice to sweets that are so nostalgic to me including candy sticks, gummy bears, milk bottles, cola bottles, laces, millions, refreshers and more!

I was very kindly sent two boxes filled with vegetarian sweets (you cannot currently pick your own sweets - they are pre-set boxes) including jazzies (which I love), love hearts, milk chocolate mini eggs, skittles and more. I think my favourites from the sweets I received have to be the flying saucers, millions and jazzies. These boxes would make amazing gifts for Mother's Day, birthdays or Valentine's Day. You can get your first box for only £2.49!
*Bomb Cosmetics Polkadot Pot Mallow (£2.99)
I'm a Bomb Cosmetics ambassador so I'm very lucky to be sent boxes of wonderful goodies and this one has to be one of my favourites. Firstly, it looks so cute and almost edible and secondly, it smells amazing!

Time for Tea! Pour a mug of sweet strawberry brew blended with rosemary & bergamot essential oils. An aromatic fruit infusion beneficial to both body and mind. Place your Bath Mallow in warm water and watch as it fizzes softly, melting and releasing its Cocoa Butter.

It's one of their bath mallows which are surprisingly long lasting in the water considering how small they are but they are impressive! There are so many bath mallows to choose from as well as bath blasters, candles, diffusers, handmade soaps, scrubs, shower butters, gift sets and their new bath bomb cards - they have Mother's Day cards!
I think this next gift isn't your typical Mother's Day gift idea but stay with me! I love gifting practical but cute, aesthetically pleasing gifts and these earphones fit the bill perfectly. Also a very good, durable pair of earphones isn't easy to find but Sudio Sweden have some of the very best, most comfortable and gorgeously designed earphones out there!

*Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Earphones (£59 - Pink)
Now, I know these earphones are a little more expensive than most you'd probably buy but considering how many pairs of awful earphones you have to purchase, it is very reasonable and the quality is amazing. As well as the earphones, you also receive an owners manual, leather case, quick start guide, guarantee card, earphone bud replacements and a cable clip. Everything is so beautifully but simply packaged and there are various styles to choose from.
The Vasa Bla earphones I have are wireless so there's no excess wires that can tangle and become unusable! They last for around eight hours on one charge, you can give them a quick ten minute charge or the full 120 minute charge. The sound quality is amazing, they are so comfortable and they NEVER tangle - it's amazing! I love the pink shade as well as the gold plating on the earphones. Additionally, there's a bluetooth remote and microphone on the earphones. They're easy to pair with your phone, easy to charge and perfect for on the go or travelling.

To get 15% off at Sudio Sweden, use the code: OFBEAUTYAND15

What do you think of these gifts? Do you own any of these products? 


  1. These look like such delicious treats.

    Candice |

  2. Loved this gift guide! That little treat box looks like such a nice gift xx

  3. omg what a great idea with the sweet box, my mum would love that xx

  4. I still haven't tried anything from Bomb cosmetics but I really do need to!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  5. I have been looking for new earphones, but out of my price bracket but they are gorge x

  6. Those earphones are so pretty! I bought some rose gold ones from another brand and they hurt my ears and keep falling out so it’s good to hear you found these so comfortable!

  7. This is really cute and I love the look of those earphones x

  8. Literally craving all the sweets right now! X

  9. Love all of these ideas, especially the bath bomb! So cute! x

  10. Love the bath bomb, wouldn't mind one of those myself! Off to check out Bomb Cosmetics now xx

  11. Those ear phones are STUNNING! So worth the price tag! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. Those ear phones are so luxe - my mum would love them x

  13. Those earphones are amazing! I can't believe Mother's Day is around the corner!

  14. The treat box looks amazing and right up my street!!xo

    Char |

  15. You have some fab gift ideas included. The treat box looks so yummy.

  16. There's so many lovely picks here, my mum would love to get a box of sweets!

    Gemma Louise

  17. This is an awesome gift guide for Mother's Day! I really love the idea of Treats Direct; there's some of my favourite sweets included there! xx


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