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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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There are some pretty amazing places to see in the world. Some of them might feature quite highly on your bucket list. But we’re all different. We want different experiences, sights and culture from our travels. What if there was a way to see it all in one go? That’s not actually possible, but Europe offers a pretty good way to see a lot of it all in one go:

Landscapes, Seascapes & More
Let’s face it, you really have got everything in Europe. There are lakes and forests, icescapes, mountains, valleys, and gorgeous beaches. In fact, it is perhaps the amazing variety of coastlines that makes yacht holidays in Europe so popular. Sail as you like through the Mediterranean. Take in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. There are so many incredible beaches, island stops, and amazing views to enjoy.

The Arts
If you love city breaks, chances are you take the time to explore the arts and exhibitions available. Music, dance, sculptures and more are accessible almost every day of the year. Some of Europe’s most historic buildings offer dramatic insights into civilisations and cultures that have been and gone and others that continue to thrive. Enjoy a theatre production, an opera, or some street mime. The

Most cities offer great eateries featuring cuisine from all over the world. But each individual country and even each region offers something special you’ll taste nowhere else. Cheeses, wines, cakes, biscuits, ciders, whiskey, and chocolate are all native to European towns and cities. Famous dishes like pizza, beef and ale pie and cheesecake have their origins on this continent. Treat yourself to a few meals out when you’re travelling through Europe.

The Culture
With so many different countries on this continent, it’s no surprise that there are so many different cultures and local traditions to explore. Some countries have several different spoken languages or dialects too. Traditional costume, peculiar festivals, and obscure activities make for a lot of fun if you’re around to witness them.

The Climate 
Europe has snow and unsurpassed skiing resorts. Europe also has sun and unsurpassed beaches. There is something for every season when you travel through this continent. The weather is reasonably predictable for each corner of the continent too. You can expect a few places to offer adequate warmth all year round. And you can also expect snow and ice in others. Of course, some are just rainy most of the time. Others are dry and dusty. What is your preference?

The Journey 
With some of the best road infrastructure, public transport, and waterways, travelling through Europe is easy. You can take a yacht and sail around many of Europe’s most delightful countries. Even some of the waterways and rivers are accessible this way. Most places accept the single currency, so hopping across borders should prove trouble-free. Now all you need to figure out is which language to speak!

Have you visited any destinations in Europe? If so, any recommendations? 

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  1. I went on a yacht with my friend and her family around Sardinia and it was absolutely beautiful xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  2. I think we take Europe for granted because it's on our doorstep! xx


  3. I need to discover more of Europe x

  4. I really want to visit Europe more, as there are so many beautiful places to go! This is such a fab post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  5. I want to travel more and see more of Europe this year x

  6. I love Europe, I want to visit every single inch of it!

    Danielle xx

  7. There's so many more places in Europe I want to visit! And I'd love to revisit Venice and Barcelona....ah so many places! xx

  8. There are so many places in Europe I still want to visit x

  9. I need to travel more this year, that is a definite! I am so excited to see more of the world! And the majority of Europe is on my hit list :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. I love Europe! I dont tend to fly further afield because there’s no real need to when there are so many amazing places to explore on our doorstep. Can’t wait to go on our cruise of Northern Europe this summer x

  11. There are so many places I would love to visit in Europe!

  12. Europe is just incredible. Paris is my favourite city in the world! xx

    Katie Leanne

  13. I love Europe & being from the UK it's really accessible & affordable for me.

  14. I need to do more travelling in Europe, especially at this time of year!! I'd love to do more snow holidays!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  15. Fingers crossed that 2018 is the year for travel! I definitely want to visit more of europe that's for sure x

  16. I love Europe it’s so accessible and quick to get to x

  17. So good for short (& longer!) breaks - I would actually recommend Switzerland, not just in the winter but the summer is awesome - mountains, sun, walking, fresh water lakes you can swim in and all the fondue!! x

  18. The thing I most look forward to experiencing when I go on holiday is the food!

  19. I love Europe! Germany is my fave! Xx

  20. I really want to see more of Europe and I love experience the different cuisine and culture! I really enjoyed being in The Netherlands, you can read all about our little trip over at

  21. Europe literally has so many beautiful places to visit! I have such a long travel list x

  22. I love visiting new places in Europe! Amsterdam, Venice and Budapest are some of my favourite places in the world! xx


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