Regrowz Hair Growth Diary

Monday, December 11, 2017
Every time I have gone to the hair dressers, since I was dragged as a child to my awkward salon experiences in my teens, I've always had so many hair dressers say how incredibly thick and lovely my hair is; however that all changed when I started my final year of university. Don't get me wrong, I adored my time at uni *apart from the dreaded class presentations* and I'd love to go back but the stress of the initial couple of weeks and then the worry of not getting my dissertation finished or not getting the grade I wanted caused a fair amount of stress *although I did get the first I was hoping for!*.

My hair started to become thinner and thinner around the front of my hairline which made it look thin and scraped back when I had to tie it up, which was most of the time. It's over the past year that I've noticed how bad it has become, especially compared to how incredibly thick and full my hair used to be - my hair was so thick and long that everyone commented on it and it took at least six bobbles and an army of bobbie pins to put my hair up into a bun. I know my hair issues aren't as bad as some people's experiences but compared to how my hair used to be, it was such a big change.

I tried Regaine late last year and earlier this year which I thought was working very slightly but now I'm not so sure, so I gave up with it and I started blending eyeshadow close to my hair colour into my hairline to make it look fuller and thicker which is so embarrassing but it shows the extent to which my hair was thinner and falling out at my hairline and how self-conscious I was about it but thankfully I now have a genuinely amazing solution.

I have been using the *Regrowz Scalp Stimulant and the *Regrowz Restoration Serum since late February this year but I haven't been able to mention it on my blog until now as the trial is over. When I received an email about this trial, I was half intrigued and half sceptical as products like these are always going to be viewed with trepidation and scepticism, in my opinion. I agreed to the trial and I was sent two sets of the products to use every other day for a six month period.

The scalp stimulant is a solution with a rollerball dispenser which makes it so quick and easy to use, especially as I just have to roller the product onto my hairline and massage it in. The second product is a greenish lotion that you apply to the same area but 30 minutes after the scalp stimulant. They are both easy to use although there are two downsides, the scent isn't that pleasant and the wait in between using each product made me sometimes forgot to use the serum. However after a few months, I was sent the products in a different bottle which made it easier to use and it didn't have the unpleasant scent.
After One Month
For the first couple of weeks, I didn't notice anything but after a month I started noticing SO many little baby hairs all along my hairline exactly where I'd been applying the products. The baby hairs were thin but there are so many of them! So much so that when I tie my hair up, the areas of almost baldness and thinning hair were I'd say at least 30% thicker/fuller than they were one month previously. The side in the photographs above is at least 50% fuller than before - one side seems to be doing better than the other for some reason! I had so many little baby hairs that they were becoming a problem as I now had an almost halo of flyaway's! It was extremely exciting as the product clearly worked for me and partly annoying as I now had to try and tame all of the baby hairs and flyaways! Hopefully you can see from the before and after photos above, how after only one month the hair around my hairline was much thicker and fuller with baby hairs than before I started using this amazing duo.

After Two Months
I'm writing these sections as I go otherwise I'd forget! I noticed at about week 5/6 that my hairline felt a little rough/stubbly and when I looked at it with my large 10X mirror, I saw even more teeny tiny little hairs coming through at my hairline! Also the flyways are becoming longer but still an issue as whenever there is a little bit of wind then they are all over the place and they aren't long enough yet for me to tuck them being my ears - I keep having to try and smooth down the baby hairs around my hairline!
After Three Months
I started to get a plateau in the growth and progress but that might just be because the hair is getting longer and it isn't as notable as it was when it was newly coming through? Around the 25th June, I switched from using the rollerball product to another product that I assume is the same stimulant but in a different bottle with a nozzle dispenser. I liked the rollerball applicator as it made applicator very easy but this second option doesn't seem to have a unpleasant scent as the initial rollerball product.
After Four to Six Months
From the three month mark onwards I didn't notice as much hair growth and I'd started using it not just around my hairline but all over so I think that any progress and new growth was hidden and the baby hairs had fully grown out now so they were less noticeable. It's not until today when I've just taken the last update photos, that I've noticed how in the past three or so months, my hair has become even fuller and thicker but I just wasn't noticing the difference on a day to day basis.

Hopefully you can see from the before photograph with my sparse hairline to the later photographs, the difference in the thickness and volume of my hair, especially around my hairline which is where the problem was the most visible. I am so genuinely happy with the results particularly as I didn't expect such amazing and quick results from these products! It's amazing to see the hairs grow around my hairline again and how I don't have to fill in the spaces anymore which was so embarrassing! I cannot recommend these products enough, I haven't had any issues with them and they worked so effectively for me, even after just four to five weeks of use but you do have to use them consistently to notice results. I feel as though I definitely have my healthy, thick hair back again!

I have a code for you to use if you want to buy the Regrowz products yourself with 30% off: HN30CAREGROWZ (I receive a small commission if you use the code). The discount code is only valid on a 3 to 6 months' supply, not the one month supply.

What do you think of my results? Will you be using the discount code

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  1. These products sound really interesting, I'm not sure if it's the lighting on the photos but your hair looks so healthier whilst using this. I also think it's really useful that you've used the products for a considerable time therefore giving us more of a structured, honest review. I will definitely check out these products after reading your thoughts!


    1. It definitely feels healthier and thicker since using it, rather than scraggly and thin! x

  2. Thankfully I've never suffered with anything like this but I can't even imagine how irritating it must have been for you! I definitely think these pictures show that your hair has improved massively and it looks so lush! xx

  3. Oh wow! You can totally see the difference! My hair has got thinner since having children but I don’t think this would work as I’m always told that I have ‘so much hair’ its just not thick! Amazing that you’ve found something that works though! xx

  4. Wow! What a difference! The first month's improvement is amazing and it's great to see that this improvement has continued throughout the six month trial. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. Saying this, it's been falling out in large amounts ever since I got ill at the age of 11. It doesn't seem to have made a difference to my hair line yet (and I'm not loosing much at all now I'm pregnant), but I have noticed since hitting my 30s that my hairline looks a little thinner. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to one of the key ingredients in the serum, otherwise I'd definitely be considering this if my hairline were to get any thinner. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  5. Wow I love how you can see such a difference with this product in the photos! My hair has been terrible since coming back from holidays with the change in weather that I think I'll have to invest in this x

  6. What a difference, I'm so happy you've found something that works for you x

  7. This looks amazing! Your hair looks so much thicker and healthier its mad!
    Alice Xx

  8. Ooo this is really interesting and fab results, I have the same so I may need to invest x

  9. Ah this sounds like it’s really working for you! I’m so pleased it’s giving you more confidence and I must admit, those results are pretty incredible x

  10. It's really amazing how well these products worked for you! xx


  11. WOW! I love this review because you can so clearly see the difference! I have super thin hair and this would be great! x

  12. oh wow look at that difference! Looks so much ticker and fuller!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  13. The difference is amazing. My hair is very damaged, especially around my hair line, and I have so many dry wispy bits that never want to stay in place. Pregnancy really ruined my hair. This looks like a fab product.

    Roxie |

  14. It looks so good, I can really see a difference I may have to give this a go because my hair is so thin right now. I hate how lank it looks now I've grown it out.

  15. Wow you can really notice a difference! I use Trichotin hair supplements and my hair has never been better. And my skin too!

  16. Wow what an amazing difference - what a fab product! I bet you're soo incredibly happy with the results xo

    Char |

  17. You can really see the results in your photos! It is amazing! x

  18. Oh wow, it looks as though it's made your hair a lot healthier too, what a great product!

    Kirsty Leanne

  19. You can see such a big difference between all of the photos.
    It sounds so good!


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