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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Christmas was always exciting growing up and one of the best things about Christmas morning was to see if Santa had left any presents in my stocking *spoiler, he always did, thanks Santa* and even at the grand old age of 25, I still love the tradition of stocking fillers! Instead of the chocolates and toys I received growing up, now I receive coffee, toiletries and cute little candles which are so much better!

It's too late this year but next year I think I'm going to create stockings filled with little goodies for everyone instead of one or two larger presents in a gift bag as it's so much more festive and exciting. Today's post features a range of gifts that would be ideal stocking fillers for anyone from grandmas, mums, teens and friends.

*Twist and Spritz Atomiser (£12)
Let's start with one of my favourites from todays selection and one of the most unique! I know that fragrance atomisers have been around for a while but I don't actually know anyone who has one but they are so practical! I was kindly sent the 'hot pink glitter' option but there are so many to choose from including colour options that your dad, husband or male friends would like use for their aftershave or cologne.

To use, you just pull out the top of the atomiser, take off the top section of your perfume or cologne then connect the two and press down to spray the perfume or cologne into the atomiser so you can take it with you on the go or while travelling. It's such an incredibly light weight and useful gift especially if you know someone who commutes or travels often. I love mine and I'll be keeping it in my handbag so I can use my favourite perfumes on the go instead of lugging around a huge glass bottle! They are currently on offer - two for £20.
*Andrew Collinge Invisible Dry Shampoo (£12.50, 250ml)
Another practical beauty stocking filler is dry shampoo! I love giving practical gifts as it means that the recipient doesn't have to buy it for themselves. Dry shampoo is a great option as so many people use it everyday or every other day, myself included and this invisible dry shampoo would be ideal for all hair colours without the dreaded grey cast that some dry shampoos can leave in darker hair. It leaves my hair super smooth, soft and much more presentable!

*Andrew Collinge Blow Dry Lotion (£14.50, 200ml)
Another great stocking filler option (or as a gift if you combine these gorgeous haircare products) as it's an item not everyone will have. This blow dry lotion is perfect for adding shine and volume to the hair as well as light hold. It also contains UV filters and heat protection!
*Andrew Collinge Firm Hold Hairspray (£8, 100ml travel size)
Lastly for haircare products, a mini hairspray would make a great stocking filler especially as the festive season and new year means that there will be lots of parties, catch ups with friends and meals out - this time of the year is really the only time that I use hairspray! It's a great trial size and great for travelling. I've tried quite a few products from Andrew Collinge and I cannot recommend them enough!
*Tisserand Room Mists (£12.95 each, 100ml)
When it comes to bath and aromatherapy products, Tisserand is one of my favourite brands! My favourite range is definitely the Sweet Dreams range but I'm now kind of in love with their new Christmas collection. I was very kindly sent three of their room sprays in the new Christmas scents including: Silver Birch & Cardamon, Wild Cassis & Jasmine and Sweet Orange & Cardamon.

I love the packaging for these three room sprays, the boxes and the bottles are so pretty and festive; the gold foil on both makes it look so gorgeous and perfect for the festive season. I know so many family and friends who'd love these room sprays as gifts or stocking fillers.
It's so difficult to choose my favourite scent of the three as they are all so festive and gorgeous; also each one is so different as well. The Silver Birch & Cardamon is slightly spicy and musky but also sweet and very unique. Wild Cassis & Jasmine is beautifully floral and sweet - it reminds me of a fragrance I had a long time ago! Lastly is Sweet Orange & Cinnamon which might actually be my favourite as it's the most festive with citrusy sweetness and the festive cinnamon scents.
*Embryolisse Smoothing Eye Contour Care (£15.30, 15ml)
The penultimate stocking filler is a great all around skincare item that is perfect for this time of the year! I have dry and sensitive skin and the winter months can be so harsh on my skin therefore it definitely needs a little more TLC - eye creams are such a quick and easy way to look after your skin in the winter months and to make your concealer look so much better (mine always looks so dry and awful at this time of the year).

I've only tried a couple of products from Emrbyolisse and both are wonderful especially with my dry and sensitive skin (I'd love to try more!) so I think this is a pretty safe gift to give even for those with sensitive skin. The eye cream has a lovely texture, it is moisturising and great for underneath makeup.
*Joules Squirrel Keyring (£8.95)
Last but not least is the cutest item in todays post as it's an adorable tweed novelty keyring from Joules (one of my favourite brands!). I think it would make a lovely little stocking filler as it's practical and super cute. It's perfect for me as I always end up spending so long searching through my bag to find my keys but with this little guy on my keys, it will be so much easier! CHO Fashion & Lifestyle have a code to get 10% off but it ends very soon.

What do you think of my stocking filler ideas? Have you tried any of these brands? 


  1. Stocking fillers are the best! Some great gifts here x

  2. These are all such gorgeous picks! x

  3. My mum always fills my stocking with plenty of beauty bits - some fab ideas here!
    Emma |

  4. The Atomiser is a great iea! My favourite perfume is Vera Wang Princess but the bottle is so chunky and too heavy to carry around.

    Roxie |

  5. Travel size beauty products are so good as stocking fillers!!

    Caterina |

  6. The stocking is my favourite part! I love the haircare bits you have here xx


  7. I love putting together stockings for people, I think that lipstick and perfume are always such a winner!

    Danielle xx

  8. Your blog photography is absolutely gorgeous!
    Also great ideas; I'm absolutely in love with that squirrel keyring!

    Lizzie |

  9. I like the squirrel the most! It looks so so cute!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. Everything is so pretty and cute, the room mist looks really good! I bet it smells amazing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  11. Love these, especially the atomiser! I might have to make myself a stocking this year..... haha!

    Kerrabella |

  12. I often think Stocking Fillers are more exciting than actual presents x

  13. Stockings are one of my favourite parts of Christmas too! I absolutely loved seeing what my mum had picked for me, she always did the best stockings! I absolutely love that little joules key ring, I'm obsessed with everything Joules!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  14. I really want an atomiser! I really don't know why more people don't have them they're so handy!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  15. That atomiser looks lovely and so useful too! I also like the idea of the room spray - especially because I have a one year old and sometimes (sorry for the tmi) the rooms in our house smell less than fragrant!! These would be good to have around to make things smell nice again! x

  16. The sweet orange and cinnamon room mist sounds so festive, I love it!

  17. The sweet orange and cinnamon room mist sounds so festive, I love it!

  18. The dry shampoo sounds right up my street x

  19. I definitely need to get myself an atomiser it looks so useful! The mist sounds super lovely too!
    Alice Xx

  20. That sweet orange & cinnamon room mist sounds to die for, I love festive sprays! x

    Gemma Louise

  21. Those room mists sound really lovely xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  22. Some of these products sound awesome! I love how cute and girly they are too xx

  23. Some really great stocking fillers! Love the look of the room mists x

  24. Ooh the Wild Cassis & Jasmine room spray sounds a m a z i n g xo

    Char |

  25. I think bits and bobs like this make great stocking fillers!

  26. I need to get an atomiser, it would save my back as I wouldn't have to carry round a huge perfume! xx

  27. Stocking fillers and small bits are probably my favourite things! x

  28. An atomiser is such a great idea! x


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