Christmas: Pampering Gifts: His + Hers (and giveaway)

Monday, November 20, 2017
Christmas is fast approaching so gift guides are in full swing! I've already posted a few with more pampering gifts and today's post carries on from them but instead of just focusing on womens pampering gifts, I'm looking at a few womens gifts, mens gifts and unisex gifts that would be great gift sets this Christmas!

I was very kindly sent a range of gifts from the wonderful Heathcote & Ivory, Temple Spa and Green People, all of which are gorgeous with some being inexpensive and others are a little more luxurious. I've had a fantastic response to my early gift guides this year already so I hope you like this one and maybe you'll find some gift ideas for friends and family.

*Gardners Tree Tidings (£5)
Let's start with one of the most inexpensive items and one of the cutest! I love the packaging of this little gift set as not only does it look like an adorable Christmas tree but you could potentially hang it on your Christmas tree, if the branches are sturdy enough. The set contains three minis including a Shea butter hand cream (15ml), hedgerow hand cream (15ml) and relaxing bath tablets (25g). I think it's a great unisex gift set, I know my dad would use the hand creams and as they are minis, they are great for keeping in the car, by the sink or on a bedside table. I also think my aunties would love this cute set too!
*Heathcote & Ivory Lavender Fields (£8)
We all know how much I love lavender so this set is perfect! The packaging is so pretty and I think it's a great all around gift as it contains a hand and nail cream, hand scrub and nail file so I'd give it to my mum, aunties, neighbours or friends. The lavender scent is so nice and the sizes of the products are great too - the hand cream is a 100ml bottle and the hand scrub is 30ml.

Within the Lavender Fields range, there are so many other products and gift sets including a bigger hand cream and wash set, soap, bathing flowers and even an eau de toilette so theres something for everyone. If lavender isn't your thing or you don't think your gift recipient will love it (first, what's wrong with you), then there are other ranges to choose from such as blush rose, sweat pea & honeysuckle and lily of the valley options too.
*Temple Spa Bon Voyage Set (£22)
Next up is a set that will be perfect for so many people, men or women as it looks so festive and it is filled with a range of products from haircare and a shower gel to a skin balm, hand cream and soothing balm for aching feet and limbs. I know that my mum or dad would be happy with this set so would my fussy sister!

The items included are as follows: Good Hair Day frequent use shampoo, In Good Condition everyday hair conditioner, La La Lagoon aromatic bath & shower gel, Peace Be Still calming skin balm, Palm Balm luxury skincare for the hands and finally AAAHHH! soothing balm for aching feet & limbs.
It's such a nicely presented, neat and beautiful gift that almost doesn't need wrapping as the box is so pretty. Each bottle is 50ml so you get a decent size of each to try out before maybe buying the full size. This set would be ideal for those who haven't tried the brand before or for those who travel often as 50ml is a perfect travel size.

The products within the set contain Mediterranean botanicals and essential oils to match this luxurious gift set. Other ingredients include jojoba oil, lemon peel oil, chamomile flower oil, vitamin B5, dandelion leaf extract, sugar cane, bergamot fruit extract, tea tree leaf oil and many more.
*Temple Spa Air & Spaces Spa Aromatic Diffuser (£35, 200ml)
You can't have a pampering evening within a candle or diffuser! I adore candles but I know that not everybody does as they can be very overpowering and a fire hazard so diffusers are the perfect alternative, especially what it's as beautiful as this one from Temple Spa. The diffuser combines spices and botanical essential oils such as cedar wood, patchouli, bergamot, orange and cinnamon for this gorgeous festive fragrance.

Some of the essential oils listed are some of my all time favourites such as patchouli, bergamot and cedar wood so I knew I was going to love this diffuser instantly. It not only sounds amazing but the box is so pretty as well. The style is similar to the Bon Voyage set with the deep background and foiled design on the front.
However, the beauty doesn't need there as looks at how stunning the glass bottle of the diffuser is! I didn't expect it to look so gorgeous as on the website it looked mainly black but in the light it has a clear botanical pattern all the way around the bottle - the design matches the one on the box. I honestly don't think I've seen a more beautiful diffuser!

It also comes with black seven diffuser sticks to match the black design of the bottle. It's such a luxe, fancy diffuser that will definitely turn heads and I know so many of my friends and family tat would love to find it under the tree on Christmas Day. I cannot recommend these two divine Temple Spa gifts enough!
*Benecos Winter Dream Gift Set (£10.95)
Now onto a gift that is ideal if you know that your gift recipient has sensitive skin or if they are vegan as this set is perfect! All three products within the gift set are suitable for vegans to use, some of the ingredients are natural and some are also organic which is fantastic. The set contains a shower gel (200ml), body lotion (150ml) and a lip balm (4.8g), all of which contain vanilla extract - it's a scent that for me is so cosy and comforting! 

Benecos is a new brand to me but it sounds wonderful and seems like a very ethical, natural brand and since trying these products, I can definitely recommend them as they are gentle, subtly scented and effective with a low price point. The only thing I'm not a massive fan of is the glitter in the lip balm but it's a wonderful festive gift set that would be ideal for those with sensitive skin and friends or family members who are vegan. 
*Green People Forest & Fruit Gift Set (£22.95)
The final two gift sets are extra special and as a treat for the readers of my blog, you'll have the chance to win these two sets below! But first, the Forest & Fruit set contains a gorgeous cypress and tangerine shower gel and body lotion. Both products are large 100ml bottle so it's a great way to full try the brand to see if you want to try more.

Green People is an extra special brand because it is vegan, crudely free and the products contain certified organic ingredients - 83% of the ingredients within this set are organic. Additionally there are no parabens, fragrance, lanolin, alcohol, colourants or petrochemicals within their products so it's another brand that would be ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.
*Green People Tree & Seed Gift Set (£24.95)
Last but not least for today's gift guide and it's a great option for the men in your life as not only does it come from an amazing, natural and ethical brand that would be great for sensitive skin but it's set that's beautifully presented and practical - you know how I feel about practical but pretty presents!

I've tried a few products from Green People over the past couple of years including their Scent Free Sun Lotion and their Sensitive Skincare which I loved and I'd definitely recommend all of those products, particularly if you have sensitive skin as I do (I have eczema and these products didn't irritate my skin at all).
This set contains the eucalyptus and mint shower gel and moisturiser, both of which are 100ml and contain 73% organic ingredients; also some of the natural ingredients are fair trade which is always fantastic. The products smell so gorgeous, fresh and masculine - I think my dad would absolutely love the scent. I cannot recommend these two gift sets enough so you should definitely enter the giveaway below and check out their other fabulously festive gift sets.
To enter the giveaway, make sure you watch the video below and fill in the Rafflecopter form below. It's UK only (sorry) as it's difficult to post certain beauty products outside of the UK. It will start on the 20th and end on the 30th so you have plenty of time to enter and there are options to enter every day.

This winner has been contacted - thanks for entering!

What do you think of these gift sets? Have you entered my giveaway? 


  1. Ah that bon voyage gift set looks amazing! I would love to receive that as a gift - it looks incredible! I love that you’ve included beauty bits for men too as they are so often overlooked when it comes to taking care of yourself x

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