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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Autumn is here and with it, a whole new range of colours and styles. From earthy shades to crimson reds, this season comes filled with tones that will spice up your wardrobe, so you can forget about days getting colder or windier. Here’s a look at what to wear in autumn, from hair and clothes to accessories and shoes.

You might have noticed that 2017, for the most part, was the year of bob hairstyles that ranged from Taylor Swift’s or Alexa Chung’s. Either way, until 2018, bobs will definitely still be the favourite choice and you can even try to make yours edgier! But if you’re more into long hairstyles and even managed to keep yours nourished during the summer while you tried out a full Ursula Andress style (from the unforgettable beach scene in "Dr. No" with Sean Connery) then autumn is the perfect time to show off your mane. Chiara Ferragni, for instance, just might be your ideal inspiration to wear it up or down and make this classic look fun. Long or short, fall is a great time to show off healthy hair, so make sure you use the right products to keep it properly hydrated as it is also during this time of year that we tend to lose more of it, so look after your mane!

Red is the new brown
As far as colours go, you might have noticed that many shops have filled their display windows with red sweaters and dresses; so yes, this is the “it” tone of this season. Related to the colours we tend to think of in autumn (amber, burgundy and tawny shades) and yet more vibrant, this tone is the perfect uplifting choice for this season. You might have even noticed an unlikely combination across social media of pink and red outfits. Take note of how these two go together because you might end up pairing them up yourself. Autumn is also a time to think about layers and getting that suede jacket you’ve been longing for might be the smartest move as it looks good with pretty much anything. I"m currently looking for the perfect red coat for the colder months.

Shoes, sunglasses & bags
When it comes to accessories for this autumn, go for heeled boots which are always in style and perfect for this weather. Clutches seem to be going strong this season, as well as shoulder bags with check prints or faux fur and the always comfortable and practical backpack. Try reddish tones for all these to match your outfits. Sunglasses are also great this fall, especially glamorous, frameless ones as well as cat-eyed shades, which never fail. Try to get the ones that best suit the shape of your face shape.

With red as the basic tone, this autumn is bright with possibility. Although it might be getting chilly, there are still some sunny days around the corner, so check out this post to get a further insight on layering. In any case, it is time put your bikini and summer dresses away until next year and bring out the chunky knits, ankle boots, scarves and coats!

*This post was written in collaboration with Tamara Izko
*Image from Pinterest

Do you have any autumn styling tips? What are your must have accessories/clothes for autumn? 


  1. I love cosy scarves & snuggly jumpers and cardigans at this time of year! xx

    Beautylymin| HourglassAmbientLightingEditGiveaway

  2. Red is such a classic colour anyway but it's nice to see so much of it in stores at the moment. Nothing like a bright pop of colour to brighten up the darker days.


  3. I love jumpers and scarves. Unfortuntely I wear glasses, so cannot get away with wearing sunglasses! which sucks!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I love autumn! I know everybody does but I really do! It’s summer I find hard - in Autumn you can layer, wear tights and boots, accessorise with coats and scarves - it’s the best!!

  5. I am loving all the red coats! xx

  6. Red is everywhere at the moment! I need some red clothes in my wardrobe x

  7. That red satchel is so lovely. I love autumn fashion trends.

  8. Red is definitely the shade of the season, I've been digging out my red items x

  9. I really need to organise my wardrobe!

  10. Chunky knits and tights all the way for me x

  11. I'm so excited for Fall and really need to do a little reshuffle in my closet! It's been years since I bought new pieces for Fall and this year I've definitely gone overboard with new sweaters and jackets. I'm so excited to whip out my boots but it's still in the high 80s here in California so I'm def gonna need to hold off for a little bit longer.

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  12. Great tips and I'm all for sunglasses at this time of year and have a wide variety of styles! Frameless ones look so chic and I also love chunky heeled boots at this time of year xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture X

  13. I am totally living for the pink and red trend at the moment although I can only wear red when I'm wearing a full face as otherwise it completely washes me out! I recently picked up a pink faux fur jacket from Topshop that I'm super in love with!
    Alice Xx

  14. I am definitely trying to add more red into my wardrobe this season
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  15. Ah I love the fashion at this time of year! I need to get myself a red coat! x

  16. I loove burgundy shades for this time of the year, so I'm pleased to hear that red is in fashion for this Autumn! I need to grab myself a red/burgundy chunky knit to go with jeans and heeled black boots xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  17. Love the photo in this post and all the cosy feels

  18. I love changing up my wardrobe and getting the chunky knits out and the ankle boots, I'm a huge fan of Burgundy too when it comes to autumn xx

    Taylor Jane ox | www.taylorjane.co.uk

  19. Boots are a must! I need to invest in a new pair ASAP x

  20. I need to sort my autumn wardrobe out! x


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