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Monday, October 02, 2017
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Success isn’t on overnight job when it comes to SEO. It takes patience and the right process to create a blog post that ranks well on Google. Optimising your blog post starts from the inception of your content and continues right through to hitting publish. In today’s blog post I catch up with the Manchester SEO Agency, Bigfoot Digital, who produce search optimised content for their clients daily. They share six simple steps all bloggers can follow to write blog posts that rank well!

Use Keywords 
If you don’t use keywords, then you'd better start. We’re sorry if that sounded a little abrupt but trust us when we tell you, it will make a big difference. Google’s bots crawl millions of websites looking for relevant content. That’s one hell of a job, so make your content stand out (see what we did there?). Using keywords is the first step to ranking success. These are the most important search terms you want people to find you for. What are people searching for? How will they find your post? These are the questions you want to be asking yourself before posting.

Use H1, H2 & H3 tags 
Most people will skim read your content (I know, how dare they?) and will be looking for the titles and headings that most interest them. Make the most of your H tags to ensure people see what is ‘really’ important. By that, we mean the content you want to be found on Google for. Including keywords in those H tags is another way to give Google a nudge in the right direction.

Link to previous content 
This is called internal linking and has great SEO benefits. It will make your posts stronger because you are showing authority on that subject. Next to that, your link structure is incredibly important when it comes to creating a map of pages for Google. Linking to relevant content on your site is a way of giving pages trust and will ensure readers stay on your website for longer. If you liked this article, then you’ll love my post on ‘How to Keep Your Blog Current.’

Post Frequently Don’t neglect your blog
Create a posting schedule for all channels, including your blog and social media. Adding creative content on a regular basis will show Google that your blog is active. If it’s not updated regularly, Google will not crawl your website as often and as a result it may negatively impact your rankings.

Repurpose Content 
We all love evergreen content. Evergreen content is the type of post that never gets old. It’s relevant no matter how much time passes – which is clever as your readers always have a reason to return to your blog. “But, didn’t you say that Google likes to see fresh, updated content?” We did indeed, and for that reason you should look to repurpose evergreen content the following year, especially if it’s a seasonal post.

Optimise Post Length 
Content is king, that much is clear. Google likes to see long articles, so make sure your articles have a minimum of 300 words. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense – the more content on page, the more opportunities you have to optimise with strategically placed keywords. While, you should consider SEO, never deviate from user experience. Break up your content with bright, colourful images, headings and bullet points. Your readers will appreciate visual content that is easy to read – keeping your readers happy is the end goal.

Ticked the above off your SEO checklist? Great. Now, see if it’s made a difference using an SEO auditing tool. This allows you to see what is performing well and what can be improved. Bigfoot Digital have a free SEO audit tool available for everyone to use and it won’t cost you a penny.

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