Halloween Look: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Friday, October 27, 2017
Every year I create a few halloween looks within the month of October and I adore creating them as it gives me a chance to experiment with makeup, unleash my creative side and wear colour contact lenses! I haven't been able to create as many as I'd wanted to this year *cries* but I do have a couple more coming very soon!

I've already created one halloween look with the help of Vision Direct and here's the second look which is inspired by one of my favourite films, Beetlejuice. If you haven't seen it then you should on or before halloween as it's perfect for this time of the year. Beetlejuice is one of my favourite characters in the film, as well as Lydia and it was great to create a halloween makeup look inspired by him.
I used the *FreshLook Colourblends Contact Lenses in Gemstone Green (£14.99 per box) for this look as even though he doesn't have green eyes *I don't think...*, it makes the look more interesting and halloweeny. I also used a range of highstreet makeup that is easily substituted as well as a homemade SFX hack! Before we get into the tutorial, here's a list of the products I used:

Bourjois Sleep Effect Foundation in 71
The Body Shop Lightening Drops
Essence Fixing Powder
Eylure Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Tweezerman Brow Mousse + Eyelash Curler
Eye Of Horus Brow Pencil
Ciate London Wonderwand Mascara in Black
Freedom House Of Glam Dolls Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero
Kiss Lashes Eyelash Glue
Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Make Me Magnificent
Cotton Wool...

This look is so quick and easy to create, it can be created using cheap products and it looks really effective, in my opinion, especially with the textured green areas and the coloured contact lenses from Vision Direct. You can take parts of this look and create something else, for example, the eye look or the textured effect I created.
Step One: 
I started by applying my foundation as I normally would but then I when over it with a little of the lightening drops as Beetlejuice has pale skin on the whole. I also filled in my brows as I normally would but a little bolder and set them with brow gel.

Step Two: 
Beetlejuice has random green mould or texture to his skin in places so I wanted to create that but at the time I didn't have any specific SFX makeup so I created texture with cotton wool, eyelash glue and eyeshadow. I took a small amount of eyelash glue and applied it where I wanted the texture, I then stuck the cotton wool over it with more glue and let it set before applying a range of green shades over the top to hide the white cotton wool. I think the effect turned out so well, it was easy to create and very easy to remove! Hopefully the texture is visible in the photos as in 'real life' it looked 3D and textured.
Step Three:
I used the same palette for the textured areas as I did for the eyes as it contains a range of fantastic purples, blacks and greens that are great for this look. I started with a deep purple cream shadow over the outer half of the lid and blended it into the crease, outer corner and lower lash line with a dark purple/black eyeshadow. I blended further with lighter purples into the inner half of the eyelid and under the eye; finishing off with a red/pink around the blended edges and up to the brow bone.
Step Four: 
To finish the eyes, I applied black liner to the upper and lower waterlines and smudged it into the lower lash line. I used mascara on the upper and lower lashes to finish the eyes and made sure everything was blended but Beetlejuice is a very messy, unkept character so it doesn't really matter if it isn't fully blended as it will just add to the look. Lastly, I put in the green contact lenses which I love! They are very easy to put in and take out, they are just as comfortable as my regular lenses and they look so striking.
Overall, I love the look and I don't know why I haven't tried to create a Beetlejuice look before now as it's so quick and easy to create - the main items you'll need include a palette with purples, blacks and greens in it as well as your usual makeup and cotton wool, eyelash glue and coloured contacts, the latter is optional but it looks amazing with the contact lenses.

What do you think of this halloween look? Have you watched Beetlejuice? 


  1. I've never watched beetlejuice but it's such a popular film I don't know how I haven't! This is such a fab look and looks quite easy to do with the right tools!
    Alice Xx

  2. You look amazing! Actually love that eye makeup!!!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  3. This looks so bloody good on you! Xx


  4. Such a great look, looks effective and the colours of the eye makeup look lovely too xxx

    ♥ MammafulZo ♥

  5. I actually really like your eye makeup in this and am surprised how well the lipstick works with the green shade x

  6. Wow this is so cool! V good for Halloween x

  7. AAAAH They look incredible, so so cool! I love green eyes like this :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. This look so good! I like your DIY use of eyelash glue and cotton wool- it worked well! x

  9. Love the purple you used on your eyes! X

  10. Your eyes look beautiful. I wish I could get on with contacts but putting them in is a skill I've yet to master

  11. Love the eye colours, so pretty (but scary)!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  12. This is such a cool makeup look!! I always wish I was more bold or daring with my makeup - especially during Halloween!

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  13. One of my favourite Halloween movies ever! You look fab x

  14. This look is soo cool! I love the purple eyeshadow and the homemade SFX hack xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  15. This is such a cool look! I'm awful at doing eye makeup like this - I end up just looking ridiculous but you look really good! Such an effective look for Halloween! x

  16. This is such a pretty look! I love the purple shade on your eyes, you look really good xx

    Taylor Jane ox | www.taylorjane.co.uk

  17. They look amazing - I've always wanted green eyes!

  18. Oooh I love this, very creepy!


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