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Saturday, September 23, 2017
It's that time of the year when the weather is changing and so is my skin; I need to switch up my skincare routine to include the richer, more moisturising products in my stash. Today's post is all about the skincare, makeup, beauty and pampering products I've been loving recently as well as a few new bodycare products that are perfect for the autumn and winter months! Thanks to KiraKira, Antipodes, Shea Moisture, Essence, Sensationail and Dr Botanicals for getting me autumn ready!
*Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream (£34.99)
It's organic September so I thought I'd mention one of my favourite organic products/brands in this post. We all know that I genuinely and absolutely love Antipodes products, literally every single product! I have so many reviews of their products on my blog already that you can read and I cannot recommend the brand enough especially if you have dry and sensitive skin as I do. This new addition to my skincare routine is one of the nicest smelling Antipodes products I've tried which makes it even nicer to use.

Even though it is a night cream, I've been using it during the day as my skin is becoming increasingly dry due to the colder weather. It is very nourishing, moisturising and smoothing as well as being gentle, effective and perfect for this time of the year. I haven't stopped using it since I received it and I couldn't recommend it enough - if you're looking for the perfect autumnal moisturiser then look no further.
*KiraKira AHA Cleanser (£19.99, 190ml)
Next up, my favourite cleanser of the past couple of weeks and it happens to have the cutest cleanser packaging I've ever seen! The KiraKira Studios AHA Liquid Cleanser is made in Japan and is formulated with three AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids/food acids) to gently remove makeup. It is free from parabens, mineral oil, silicones and artificial fragrances/colours.

The cleanser has a pump dispenser which I love and it has a lovely gel like texture that lathers slightly. I have sensitive skin so I'm always a little cautious when it comes to new skincare but this cleanser doesn't irritate my skin at all. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, very smooth, soft and deeply cleansed. I don't think I've been as impressed by a cleanser for a long time!
*Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Light Summer Cream (£19.99 - SALE)
Now onto the body products! As well as my skincare, I also change up my body products during the colder months to include items that are more moisturising and soothing. Two new products that I've been using recently are from Dr Botanicals which are not only effective, gentle and smell amazing but they are natural, vegan and cruelty free.

The packaging for the cream is so cute, it would make a lovely gift! The cream itself actually has a smooth gel like consistency and texture, it absorbs quickly and it leaves my skin so incredibly smooth, soft and moisturised without being greasy, oily or tacky. The scent is sweet and floral but not too strong so it is ideal as a hand cream which is the main way I've been using it.

*Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Concentrated Body Oil (£70.90, 50ml)
I'm usually not a fan of oils, especially body oils as they can be very greasy and slow to absorb but this one is fantastic and it smells amazing. It has a similar scent to the gorgeous moroccan rose cream above. I've been using it as a cuticle oil and on elbows, feet and legs when needed. It leaves the skin so incredibly smooth, moisturised and supple but I particularly love it as a cuticle oil as it's an area that is always dry and in need of TLC. It absorbs quickly for a body oil and as with all Dr Botanicals products, it's 100% natural.
*Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo (£6.65 - SALE)
I tried a few products from Shea Moisture a few months ago and really liked the products, the brand ethics and the natural ingredients. This range is designed for fine, wavy and curly hair and it's colour safe, sulphate free and cruelty free which is amazing! The shampoo and conditioner contain imbe oil and aloe as well as coconut water and fresh fruit extracts.

Naturally, both products smell amazing! To me they smell so fruity, fresh and sweet which I love and I think everyone will love them. As with the previous shampoo I tried from Shea Moisture, it lathers really well and leaves my hair feeling very clean but not stripped. It's a great shampoo at a fantastic price!

*Shea Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Creme Rinse (£6.65 - SALE)
So many Shea Moisture products are on sale on the Superdrug website or on offer as I'm writing this (23/10/2017) so it's a great time to check out their products. The conditioner has a similar scent to the shampoo but it's a little more coconutty...that's not a word. It leaves my hair pretty much completely detangled, smooth and soft as well as well moistened but not weighed down. It's a brand that you definitely need to check out.
*Pure Potions Skin Salvation Hand Cream, Moisturising Cream & Moisturising Ointment 
I have eczema on my face and hands so I'm always interested in finding new eczema focused products! I have a few samples from Pure Potions, let's start with the intensive hand cream. It is 99% natural and contains shea butter, olive oil, hemp seed oil and many other fantastic, natural ingredients. The hand cream is amazing, it leaves my eczema prone hands so smooth, moisturised and comfortable!

Next up, the intensive moisturising ointment which as with the other products, is suitable for people who have very dry, sore, sensitive or eczema prone skin and it's 100% natural. It's a solid ointment with a rather unpleasant colour with a slightly plastic scent but it is very moisturising and smoothing which is what my hands and cuticles need. Lastly, the daily moisturising cream which is a basic but effective moisturising cream that would be perfect for those sensitive skin as I do.
*Essence Matte, Shimmer Lipsticks and Lipgloss
Now onto some exciting new makeup items from the lovely people over at Essence Cosmetics! I have loved Essence products for years and these are no exception. I was kindly sent a few of their new lipsticks and lip glosses. Here's a rundown of the finishes and shades I received:

- Essence Matte Lipstick in 08: Deep burgundy wine shade
- Essence Lipstick in 07 Sparkling Miracle: Shimmery mauve pink
- Essence Shine Wet Look Lipgloss in 09 One Woman Show: Bright hot pink
- Essence Matte Longlasting Lipgloss in 05 Simply Be An Icon: Burgundy red
- Essence Matte Longlasting Lipgloss in 03 Girl Of Today: Natural rose pink

I have been a fan of Essence lipsticks for years and these are fantastic, especially for the low price! My favourite shade is 08 as it's a perfect autumnal shade and I'll definitely get a lot of use out of it. I also love the matte lip glosses in 05 and 03 which are great for everyday autumnal and winter looks. The formula is gorgeous and velvety, it is long-lasting and amazing for the price.
*Sensationail Peel Off Polishes (£6 each, 14.8ml)
I tried the Sensationail gel nails kit a few months ago and I loved it, I'm still using it now so I was interested to try these new peel off polishes from the same brand. I was kindly sent the shades 'set in rhine-stone' and 'winosaur' - I love the polish names! The polishes have a large brush which is great to apply the polishes quickly and easily although the formula is quite sticky/gloopy so it does take a while to get used to; however it is pigmented and looks so glossy on the nails.

The glitter shade is gorgeous and I'm loving the way it looks on bare nails! The best way to apply these two polishes is to apply a very thin coat otherwise it takes ages to dry but with a thin coat it dries within around 10-15 minutes. The wear isn't great as it isn't meant to be a very long-lasting polish, it is designed to peel off which is does really easily after a couple of days of wear. While it isn't great for a long lasting mani, it is perfect for special occasions, those with damaged nails or if you like to switch up your polish very often.

Have you tried any of these products? Which beauty products are you loving? 


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