Early Christmas Gift Guide: Pampering + Self Care

Monday, September 18, 2017
Yes, today I'm writing about Christmas gifts...some people might think it is too soon but I am one of those people who picks up gifts for friends and family throughout the year and usually around autumn is when I pick up the last bits that I need for everyone. I like to be prepared and know that I have everything before the chaotic Christmas rush to buy gifts begins!

This will be the first of many Christmas gift guides and todays post will focus on pampering products and self care items that would be great to give anyone at this time of the year as Christmas and New Year can be very stressful! My anxiety and stress levels always peak around Christmas and New Year although it is punctuated by happy, festive and wonderful moments too.

*Weekender Wash Kit by Men's Society (£25) 
Let's start with an all in one gift set that is perfect for dads, grandads, friends and anyone who loves travelling or weekends away! I love the design of the kit and how complete the set is; it contains shampoo, face wash, face cream, toothpaste and a toothbrush so it would make a great holiday or weekend away kit, particularly as it complies with current hand luggage regulations.

The shampoo and body cleanser, face wash and face cream are all 50ml sizes so they are great sizes for a weekend away and the toothpaste is small too - it's the Marvis brand which is one of my favourites. They have a few sets in this style such as a 'overindulgence survival kit' which would be an essential over the festive season, the sneaker cleaning kit, beard kit, shave kits and more to choose from so definitely check out their site!
*Malee Verdure Conditioning Body Scrub (£36, 250ml) 
There are certain products such as face masks and hair masks that are synonymous with pampering but another product that I think is equally as important include scrubs! Body scrubs are such an overlooked pamper product, they can transform your skin and are so quick and easy to use. I was very kindly sent this lovely body scrub from Malee which is a 100% natural brand inspired by the natural scents and landscapes of Africa.

It's an award winning product which isn't surprising when you use it as it is one of the best body scrubs I've ever used, if not the best. It smells heavenly, so fresh and clean; additionally the texture is perfect as it's very exfoliating but it isn't harsh. I've tried so many scrubs and most of the time the exfoliating component either washes away instantly or dissolves before it can be fully used but this one doesn't!

I think it would make a great gift as it looks and feels very luxurious, the packaging is gorgeous, the scent is divine and it's so effective but also leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, nourished and moisturised. I cannot recommend it enough and they also make beautiful looking candles, fragrances and other wonderful body care products.
*Morris & Co Pure Morris Collection (£25)
How stunning is this tin, when I opened the package I was quite shocked at how gorgeous the packaging for this beautiful kit was! Even just aesthetically it would make a lovely and expensive looking gift, I know my mum and aunties would adore this set. The set contains a hand cream (100ml), shower gel (200ml) and body lotion (50ml).

The hand cream has been my favourite product as I use hand cream so often and this one is lovely. It is infused with silver birch and thistle extracts, shea butter, cocoa butter and macadamia oil to soften, moisturise and soothe the skin which is just what my hands need at this time of the year due to eczema. The body lotion is equally as gorgeous with lovely ingredients such as vitamins, almond oil and cocoa butter.

Lastly, the shower gel which smells just as nice as the rest of the products within the set and it contains plant extracts, vitamins and kelp, which is an unusual ingredient. I think this set is a fantastic all around gift that not only contains lovely, effective products but the beautiful tin can be re-used too! There are lots of other gift sets to choose from such as the hand cream library which I have my eye on.
*Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender and Espresso Soap (£7.50, 158g)
Now, when I noticed that Crabtree and Evelyn had released a new range among which was a selection of products with the scent 'lavender and espresso' I was instantly intrigued as lavender and fresh coffee are two of my favourite scents and combining them can be nothing but extraordinary!

The soap contains evening primrose oil and shea butter and is scented with black lavender, coffee and smoked woods - I didn't think a product range could be so perfectly what I'd what but Crabtree and Evelyn have done it! The scent is perfect for this time of the year as it's musky, smoky and has a powdery floral scent to it as well. Enough gushing about the scent, the soap lathers well, it is gentle on the skin and doesn't irritate the eczema on my hands at all. I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you're going to create a lovely pamper hamper for a loved one this Christmas.
*Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender & Espresso Body Cream (£28, 250ml)
I have to admit that during the spring and summer months, I definitely forget how important pampering and self care is, particularly when it comes to body exfoliating and moisturising on a daily basis but when the colder months come around I reach for the body lotions, butters and creams so much more.

I have been using this body cream constantly since I received it, even though the tub is huge I've been keeping it on my desk so I can use it as a hand cream throughout the day - that's how much I not only love the scent of this product but for how velvety smooth and soft it leaves my skin. I've been trying to think of a way to describe how this body cream leaves the skin and the only way is by comparing the skin after using it to a gorgeously scented and incredibly soft blanket or linen *not weird...*.

This body cream is a little pricy but I think it's definitely worth it for the softest, smoothest and most heavenly scented skin! It is definitely a 'treat yo self' type of product but it's so worth it. There are other products within this gorgeous range including a massive hand therapy lotion, hand wash, body wash and others.
*The Rose Tree Luxury Natural Wax Candle - Rose Tree No. 1 - De-Stress (£19, 75g)
I don't really burn candles during the summer months but for the rest of the time I always have one on the go! Autumn and winter are perfect candle months as the nights are drawing in and it's getting colder so candles are ideal to add such a cosy feel to any room as well as a lovely scent. I was kindly sent this pretty candle from The Rose Tree which is a luxury natural candle, skincare and bodycare brand featuring British made products.

There are a few variations of their candles but I have No.1 which is the 'destress' candle so it would make a great gift for anyone who will be stressed over the festive season which I think will be most of us! The candle came beautifully packaged in a box with tissue, it looks so cute but substantial and it smells heavenly. To me it has a very classic sweet floral scent due to the geranium but it is also quite woody and musky which I adore - it's a wonderful autumn candle. I couldn't recommend it enough but if this scent doesn't appeal to you then you check out their other candles as they sound equally as gorgeous.
Lastly, I just wanted to mention a few other brands that I think will be perfect as pampering Christmas gifts or as treats for yourself. Starting with Bloomtown Botanicals which have the most beautifully packaged products and such a wide range too so you'll find something you love! Bomb Cosmetics also have a fantastic range of bath bombs, bath blasters, bath creamers and soap all of which are adorable! I wanted to mention Dr Botanicals as their skincare and bodycare products are lovely and great for sensitive skin types, I've currently loving the moroccan rose light summer cream. Finally, I have to mention Valley Mill which is an online store stocking gorgeous, homely products including the lovely chestnut wax melts (I've been savouring the last two I have!) that are featured in the video below!

Have you tried any of these products or brands? 


  1. Everything is so pretty! I love the products and the photography. Some great ideas there for Christmas, it will soon come around fast! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ooh Lavender and Espresso together sounds dreamy x

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  4. Ooooo they all look so lovely! Your photography is stunning here lovely! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching! Your guide has given me some well needed inspiration for gifts this year! X

  6. these are amazing gifts and I am so glad to see someone already talking about xmas!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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  10. Lavender and espresso soap sounds so nice! X

  11. So many lovely products, I have the Malee conditioning scrub and have been absolutely loving it. It would make a wonderful gift for someone.

    Kristy | www.thevioletblonde.com

  12. I bet the Crabtree and Evelyn bath products are so relaxing. Sounds heavenly x

  13. Crabtree is such a classic brand and the most perfect gift to give at Christmas! Such a lovely blog post x

  14. It annoys me when people say it's too early to think about Christmas. Some people have a tight budget and large families! I love these ideas! The packaging is so beautiful.

  15. I love all the se pampering products and would be happy to receive them all! x

  16. Love this post. I bet everything would smell amazing. I too have almost finished my Christmas shopping so I'd say its never to soon for a Christmas post!

    x Ashley

  17. Thanks for the options - I have already started Christmas shopping... I am way too excited!

    Cass | CassandraMyee


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