Summer Festival + Travel Essentials #1

Saturday, July 08, 2017
I am lucky this year in that I'm visiting some lovely cities around the UK including Chester, Southampton and London and well as a cruise around the western coast of Norway, which I can't wait for so I've been going through my beauty stash looking for travel products as I like to be overly prepared and organised, probably too organised.

To help with my travel beauty needs, I was very kindly sent a load of products from, so thank you! They have a range of pre-prepared festival and travel kits that are fantastic as they contain lots of items you'll need in one package. I picked the *festival pack one (£7.99) which contains deodorant wipes, lip balm, plasters, vitamin C tablets and dry shampoo, all of which are perfect items for a festival, weekend away or camping. Now onto all of the other items:

There are some items we all have to take on holiday or to a festival including deodorant, the deodorant that I always use is the *Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant (£4.58) which is so effective. I also have the *Quickies Deodorant Wipes (£1.35) which will come in so handy as during the summer it isn't nice feeling too hot and sweaty and just using wipes can help if you're not able to have a full shower - they would be perfect for camping.

Hair removal is another essential and I love the *Gillette Simply Venus 2 Disposable Razors (£3.32), I've gone through a few packs of these and they are fantastic disposable razors that are lightweight, effective and I never cut myself with them! I also use the *Nair Facial Wax Strips (£1.65) for my eyebrows as they are easy to cut up, they are effective and they are so cheap - they are the cheapest mini wax strips I've found and they are well worth checking out especially as they are so easy to travel with as well as being very discreet.

Lastly for toiletries, toothpaste. I have sensitive teeth so I always need a sensitive toothpaste and the *Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Sensitive Toothpaste (£4.25) is fantastic. Yes, a black toothpaste is quite gimmicky but I find it does help to slightly whiten my teeth and it helps with sensitivity so it's a great two in one toothpaste. 
Multivitamins & Tablets
I am a vegetarian and occasional vegan so multivitamins are a daily essential for me but when it comes to packing for the summer holidays or festivals where space is limited, it's always best to find multi-use or two in one products to save space. The *Centrum Vitamints (£5.99) are a combination of a breath mint and multivitamin tablet, why hasn't someone made them before now! They are chewable mints (without gelatine) and they are perfect as a two in one product to not only keep your breathe fresh but boost your vitamin intake too. Also in the festival pack there were some *Dextro Energy Orange and Vitamin C (69p) which are great energy boosters and they're so inexpensive!

Painkillers such as *paracetamol (49p) are essentials too as I do get lots of headaches, especially during the summer as I'm wearing sunglasses more and because of the stress of travelling. The *Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin (£1.99) are also great, portable and easy option for headaches, migraines and period pain relief.

Lastly, for tablets are the *Phenergan Tablets (£3.99) which are tablets for hayfever relief and travel sickness so if you have both then these are definitely worth a try. I have tried so many hayfever tablets and products but I haven't tried these before and so far so good!
Next up, haircare! My hair is usually fine with any shampoo or conditioner but since bleaching the ends of my hair, I have to be a bit more selective and the *Touch Of Silver Colour Care Shampoo (£1.86, 200ml) has been helping to keep my hair a bit less brassy which is amazing and it's so cheap!

Dry shampoos are also an essential, particularly during the hot summer months and while on holiday! I adore the Colab dry shampoos but I wanted to get a mini *Batiste Dry Shampoo (£1.40, 50ml) which is a easier size to travel with compared to the large Colab bottles.

Emergency Items
Whether you're going camping, aboard on holiday or to a festival (even just on a road trip), it's always a good idea to have some emergency items on hand such as a first aid kit, painkillers, *heat patches (£1.90) and of course, plasters! I have a couple of packs of the *Savlon Fabric Plasters (£1.99) which contains 40 plasters per box. I go through SO many plasters on holiday as shoes always cause my ankles to bleed so they are definitely an essential for me! Mini scissors, tweezers and nail files are also items to add to your makeup bag!
Lastly, onto skincare and one item that divides the beauty and blogging community - wipes! Some people hate wipes and others rely on them and I'm in the middle. For my heavy halloween makeup looks, I'll go through lots of wipes and I use wipes on holiday but of the rest of the time I'll use my regular skincare products and go through my full routine as I don't think wipes get the job done as completely and effectively as a full skincare routine. Although they are great for holidays and festivals. I like the *Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (£1.94) and the *Nivea 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes (£2.75) as they are pretty good and they're so inexpensive.

SPF is an essential during the summer months, even in the UK so I find the best way to get my SPF protection is through my skincare. The *Nivea Sensitive Day Cream (£4.99, 50ml) is not only a fantastic and gentle moisturiser for my eczema prone skin but it also contains SPF15. One area most people overlook when it comes to SPF is lip balm, the *Flava Craze Lip Balms by Chapstick (£2.86) contain SPF 10-15 which is fantastic and such an easy way to get some UVA/UVB protection.

Thanks so much to the lovely people at! Definitely check out their website if you are looking for essentials, toiletries, skincare and travel helpers as the prices are fantastic and they festival packs are great as a pre-packaged kit.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your summer travel or festival essentials? 


  1. Loved this blog post! I always take some sort of wipes with me when I am travelling as they come in very useful!

    Emily xo

  2. Fab post Hun! Sometimes I forget to use spf even though it's summer. I need to remember to take it everywhere with me x

  3. I collaborated with too a while back and I was so surprised by how many brands they stock. I picked up the Dr Paw Paw multipurpose balm and the LA Girl concealer.

  4. Ooooh the facial wax strips sound good! I've never actually seen these!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  5. I'm all about the spf and razors. Because I'm pale and hairy!!!!!!

  6. Deffo going to keep this post in mind when I go to V fest later this year!xx

    Lucy |

  7. I'm always surprised by how many brands there are x

  8. Great to see how organised you are with the essentials

  9. Hand sanitiser is my number one essential! xx


  10. Mine would definitely be suncream and hand sanitiser! X

  11. I always take wipes and hand sanitiser as well as all the usuals, I'm a bit of a public toilet freak ha ha, I hate using them xxx

  12. I take all of these types of items too!

  13. Whenever I travel, I have to take a big bag full of tablets and creams, that could cover every single eventuality. People always laugh at me, but they know who to come to when they need something!

    Danielle xx

  14. Ooh will check the site out x

  15. You lucky girl! Seems likeyou have a great summer planned! X

  16. Emergency items are so important, who knows when you might need them!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  17. Yes to the painkillers and wet wipes! I am going to Wilderness but have decided against camping lol x

  18. Yes! Totally agree with everything you have packed! I would need to take talc for my chub rub too though 😂

  19. I always try to think of everything when I go away and I do - I'm the one who can't lift my own suitcase!


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