Blogging Essentials #2

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Earlier this year I published a post all about my current blogging essentials and today's post is a continuation of it with some new items and more general blogging items that you might not initially think of! Check out my previous post if you want to see more of my blogging essentials that are perfect for beginners and seasoned blogger alike.

Blankets: Cosiness is key
I know the obsession with hygge is pretty much gone, it went the way of Pokemon Go and we are still in summer but I cannot stop thinking about autumn - well, let's be honest and say that my mind is aways thinking about autumn and all things related to being cosy, baking, cooking and autumn clothing/activities because it's the best time of the year. Fact.

As my mind is constantly in autumn mode, blankets and being cosy is key to me being productive. Give me a blanket, candles, a gingerbread latte and my iMac and I'll be able to get so much done, whether it's answering lots of emails, editing photos or video clips, typing up posts and guest posts or researching. The blanket in the photo above is one I actually made using the arm knitting method and for my first attempt, I'm so happy with it as it's so incredibly soft, cute, versatile and it keeps me surprisingly very warm!
*Penclic Mouse R3 (£59.99)
This next essential is definitely a new addition and despite a few teething problems, it's become a desk staple for me. I have an iMac which is going on for eight years old now (I need a new one ASAP) and it has a traditional corded mouse although recently as the iMac itself is failing so is the mouse.

The Penclic Mouse is a wireless, pen like mouse that is definitely unusual and innovative! It can be used if you're left or right handed, it connects wirelessly to your iMac or PC using the USB dongle included and it is such a unique concept that I personally haven't seen before. The set up was a bit confusing as nothing seemed to happen but thankfully it's now working. I'll be completely honest and say that it definitely does take time and patience to get to grips with as it's such a different style and shape to a traditional mouse but I find it a bit more comfortable to use, especially as I'm on the iMac for most of the day, pretty much seven days a week.

I love that it's wireless, as there is no annoying cord that gets wrapped around other things on my desk, it feels natural to hold as it's a pen shape and I love the scroll wheel which is really useful, particularly as the scroll function on my Apple mouse is broken! If you're thinking about getting a wireless mouse then check this one out!

One thing to note when it comes to blogging and desk jobs in general (as well as nurses, builders and many other jobs) is that repetitive strain injury can be a cause of concern. It is estimated that 73% of those who work at a computer are at risk of repetitive strain injury due to typing but it can be easily prevented. To help prevent repetitive strain injury, it is advised that you should take regular breaks from your desk and it is worth sticking to regular breaks because repetitive strain injury can in some cases result in physiotherapy or even surgery.

Bookshelves, Storage & Canvas Bags 
The first essential in this section is more of a book blogger problem and that's too many books! I'm lucky enough to be sent books occasionally from publishers and I'm very quickly running out of space but these gorgeous floating book shelves from Red Candy are perfect and you can store other things on top of the books too, if the aren't too heavy.

Storage is a general life essential but as a blogger I have specific drawers for tax documents, press releases and product information, products that need to be photographed and other drawers for blog prizes, packaging and even blog photo props.

One thing they don't tell you about blogging or that isn't shown is the amount of recycling that you have to deal with. As I said, I'm very lucky in that I get to work with some amazing brands and PRs so very regular packages and boxes means that around once a week I end up with a big stack of recycling and canvas bags are perfect to store and sort out paper recycling!

A good pair of earphones are very hard to find, especially as for me, most of them are actually quite painful to wear but these gorgeous wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden are perfection in earphone form! They're white and rose gold (tick), wireless (tick), the sound is fantastic and clear (tick) and they are so comfortable to wear (tick). I honestly cannot recommend these earphones enough! I use them for editing videos, watching youtube, listening to audiobooks and they even work as ear plugs on a noisy train...

Those are more of my personally blogging essentials, what are your blogging essentials? 


  1. Oooe definitely a cosy blanket!!! Thanks for sharing

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I can't believe you made that blanket yourself! That's amazing! xx


  3. For me it's my MAC and my storage! Need so much ! x

  4. For me I think mine would be my mermaid blanket, headphones, biscuits and a brew haha

  5. That blanket is perfect! I am after a new set of earphones so will check these out xx

  6. Mine would be a comfy seat and total quiet as I speak my posts and then correct any mistakes xxx

  7. I am constantly thinking of autumn too! Can't wait to get all my cosy blankets back out! 🙊 I think my only essential would be my MacBook! Can't be without it!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  8. Some fab ideas here. The mouse sounds so strange!xx

    Lucy |

  9. I have a few fleece throws which I curl up in and I love them x

  10. I love using blankets and throws as props, it adds a cosy vibe to a photo everytime x

  11. That blanket looks absolutely incredible! I love the look of it!

  12. The blanket is gorgeous! I'm excited for autumn and cozy blanket weather!

  13. The blanket looks so so snugly!! X

  14. That Penclic mouse sounds really cool! X

  15. Gotta have good storage, also laptop is essential!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  16. Well I still love the Hygge way of living and I play Pokemon go! Haha.


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