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Friday, May 05, 2017
I have owned a pair of ghd straighteners since I was about fifteen which is almost ten years ago now and I have loved them ever since. I started with the wide flat styler which was perfect for my thick, long hair and until a couple of weeks ago I was using my gorgeous lavender ghd styler. As I've spent my own money on ghds in the past and I've used them for so long, you can imagine my excitement when the *ghd V Ruby Sunset Styler (£139) arrived for me to try and create some cute festival hairstyles with!

Let's talk about the styler first as it's stunning! This new V Ruby Sunset Styler is part of the latest wanderlust collection which has been nominated for the best gadget and tool in the Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards. The styler is a gorgeous ruby red with a matching heat resistant case that comes in so handy when using the styler. As with the previous two ghd stylers I've used, it makes straightening my hair such a quick, easy and fuss free process that leaves my hair incredibly smooth, soft, manageable and de-frizzed!
Now onto the hairstyles, I've created two very quick and easy styles that can be finished within around 15-20 minutes or less and they require minimal products, minimal effort and I have some time saving hacks for you too! To me festival, summery and beachy hair is all about being creative but also keeping it simple as you don't want to spend ages inside doing your hair and becoming increasingly too hot with aching arms...just me?

The only items you'll need for both styles includes: ghd V ruby styler, heat protector spray, hairspray, chunky glitter, a brush, pins/clips and some optional extras such as hair chalk and sea salt spray. A heat resistant mat or pouch like the one that comes with this styler is also really useful !

Look One: 15 Minute Beachy Waves
Check out my video for the full tutorial on how to create the first style but it's basically just a cheats way of creating easy beachy waves. Start by brushing your hair and applying a heat protect spray and sectioning your hair down the middle so you have two large sections. Take one half of your hair and twist it tightly, holding it firming at the ends and slide the styler down the hair a few times (maybe 3 to 5, it depending on your hair thickness) and secure the hair so it won't unravel as it cools. Do the same with the other side, wait for 15 minutes and take out the clips to reveal very quick beach waves with very minimal effort - no need to curlers, rollers or wasting time using a styler to curl sections individually. Also instead of twisting the hair, you could create section your hair into quarters and braid each one and use the same method with the styler to creates waves too - it's such a quick, time saving way of creating loose beachy waves.

You could leave the waves at that or you could add some hairspray, sea salt spray or hair chalk to the look to add definition, hold and a pop of colour (I hate that phrase!) which will be perfect for the festival season. Hair chalks, sprays and semi-permanent dyes are such a quick, easy and temporary way of adding summer shades to your hair. I've been using the Loreal Colorista Semi-Permanent Dye in Dirty Pink to add some colour to my bleached ends. Tying up your hair with a cute hair tie is another option and one that will be perfect to show on the colourful ends while keeping your hair away from your face on the one hot summery day we will get, if we're lucky.
Look Two: Braids & Glitter
There are a few times in the year where glitter is more wearable and socially acceptable for those over the age of five and they are christmas and summer festivals! This second look consists of smooth, straightened lengths and a simple braid running from the temple to the base of the neck, viking style. The styler is so easy to use to de-frizz my hair and make it much more smooth, manageable and sleek looking, especially compared to how it usually is which is essentially a halo of frizz.

After creating the braid, you could add a few more if you want, it's time for the fun but messy business of glitter. I used a chunky glitter so it would be more visible than fine glitter and to stick it to my parting I used the ghd hairspray before and after apply the glitter and it works well...too well as the glitter will never want to leave your hair! I think the combination of my pink dip dyed ends and glitter is a colourful, feminine and fun festival look that is so quick to create and it can be adapted to suit you with more braids, rainbow dip dyed ends, sequins as well as glitter or other accessories.

Make sure you watch my tutorial so you can see the process of creating these two simple, quick and fun festival hairstyles using the ghd V Ruby Sunset Styler as well as the fantastic ghd hairspray (£9.95, 400ml) and ghd heat protect spray (£12.95). If you want more hairstyle ideas then definitely check out the ghd youtube channel! I will also be posting more videos on my blog including another with ghd so stay tuned!

Are you a ghd fan as I am? What do you think of these festival hairstyles? What do you think of the new ghd wanderlust collection? 


  1. My GHDs are hands down the best straighteners I've ever purchased. I love when they come out with all these beautiful styles and accessories.

  2. I love GHDs when I want to straighten my hair, but I never bother anymore.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  3. Those GHDs are really pretty and I've never been without a pair since I learnt of their existence x

  4. The glitter in the hair is such a cool look - would be a pain to clean though!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  5. I love the glitter look in your hair. God straighteners are definitely the best straighteners I have ever owned.

    Kristy | www.thevioletblonde.com

  6. Love this post, everyone I know including my mum absolutely loves GHD straighteners. I am completely pathetic, when it comes to anything with styling hair. But it seems like GHD has to be the best straighter at the moment!


  7. Couldn't be without my ghds! X

  8. I love my ghd stylers! Also the glitter parting looks fab on you x

  9. I've never thought to twist my hair and then run straighteners down it. I love the results though! x

  10. I love GHD's but mine recently broke *cries*, I really need some more as I never find others work that well on my extremely thick hair.


  11. Love the glitter in the hair! So cool!


  12. They are hands down the best straighteners out there! Love the waves too

  13. Awww no now I want to put glitter on my hair *cries* it looks so beautiful on you! LOVE GHD's too, they are incredible, so so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  14. I've had GHD's since about that age too, never used anything else! Love these looks you've created and how lucky are you to get those sent to you!

    Cally | xcallyloves.blogspot.co.uk

  15. These look beautiful I love the little case they come In too, I love all the colours ghds do and the new collections they bring out I still
    Have my gold one I can't part with.

    Kasie xx | www.kasiebeauty.co.uk

  16. I couldn't live without my GHDs. I love how they do them in several colours now! xx


  17. Absolutely love those glitter roots of yours!!

    Anoushka Loves xx

  18. Love GHD. best straighteners ever xxx

  19. I've never owned any GHDs. I love the glitter roots you've done!

    www.katie-middleton.co.uk xx

  20. Ghds are just the best! Nothing tames my hair like them!

  21. LOVE the glitter hair <3 so cute and perfect for day 3 of festival hair

  22. YAS, the glitter style looks amazing. I've had GHDs on and off for years - this new styler looks dreamy!

    T x

  23. I love the glitter roots and the actual colour of the ghds are great x

  24. I love the glitter in your hair, perfect for festivals!

    Georgia x


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