National Stationery Week + Giveaway

Thursday, April 27, 2017
It's National Stationery Week! I have loved stationery since I was a child in the 90's playing with the my spirograph, blow pens...and scented gel pens. Now I'm much more into minimalistic stationery and I use notebooks and to do lists religiously to keep track of the orders/deliveries I have arriving, for blog ideas and what I need to do.

*Phoenix Trading Jotter Pad - Sausage Dog (£2.75)
The main stationery items I use are pens, notepads and to do lists; I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have list pads everywhere reminding me of the tasks I need to do. I write my to do list every couple of days and it usually includes the blog posts that need to write, what products I need to photograph, household tasks and books reviews I need to write. I'd definitely be lost without them and a new cute list pad or jotter is always needed.
*Phoenix Trading Address Book & Notebook (£10)
I use notebooks constantly to write down blog ideas as I tend to need to write them down everywhere I go *also why I do always think of ideas when I'm trying to sleep?*. I love this set, especially the cute polkadot print and the size of the notebook is perfect for keeping in my bag. I don't tend to use an address book, I think it's a little dated now but it would make a nice set for stationery lovers.
*Phoenix Trading Notecards (£4.50)
I don't use notecards or postcards that much but I definitely need to start as it's always lovely to receive a handwritten note or postcard! I received two lovely sets of notecards along with envelopes; one in a cute wellington boot design and the other has a typewriter design on the front which is definitely my favourite out of the two.
*Phoenix Trading Bookmark (60p)
As you will know if you scroll through my blog, I've been a bit obsessed with reading last year and this year after not reading much at all since secondary school. While I mainly read e-book from Netgalley, I do have a rather large book collection which means I always need bookmarks. I'm one of those people who will use any scrap of paper as a bookmark but it's nice to have a cute bookmark and this one definitely is!

I love the cute print and text that says 'relax with a good book and a nice cup of tea' which I really want to do right now but I have posts to write, photos to edit and the builders are here making so much noise...relaxing isn't on the agenda just yet.

Now onto the exciting bit of the post! I'm hosting a giveaway with Phoenix Trading where you will be able to win all of the items I've show in this post so you will receive the notebook and address book set, bookmark, notecard sets and the cute sausage dog jotter. All you need to do is look out for my tweet, follow myself (@ofbeautyand) and Phoenix Trading on Twitter and RT the giveaway tweet. It's UK only and the winner will be announced on Monday 1st May!

Will you be entering my giveaway? What do you think of this cute stationery? 


  1. I know that if I had cute stationery like this, it wouldn't last very long as my nieces would want to steal it! xx


  2. Stationery week is the best week x

  3. I love cute stationary too! It soon becomes a slippery slope to addiction haha!

  4. Such a lovely giveaway! I love stationery xx

  5. This collection is adorable. I'm definitely going to check out this brand.

  6. I love stationery, but then don't want to use it cause it's too pretty ha ha xxx

  7. I love stationery and this collection is so pretty!

    Georgia x

  8. Didn't realise National Stationery Week was a thing! But I am all for it as I love cute stationery x

  9. I am also a stationary addict and I love notebooks x

  10. I'm long overdue a haul - my notebooks are a little tatty! I had no idea stationery week was a thing either x

  11. I am such a sucker for any cute stationery!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  12. I'm stationary obsessed also - I have like 30,000 notepads I swear! I will be entering! x

  13. This is a lovely giveaway, I love stationery way too much.

    Kristy |


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