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Saturday, April 08, 2017
I have been blogging for almost five years, my little blog is five May and yes, there will be a big blog birthday giveaway to celebrate! Over that time, I have learnt so much not just about blogging and writing but photography, SEO, networking and emailing with PRs and having to know new terms (keywords, domain authority, page authority and the guidelines associated with blogging were all new to me) as well as trying out so many products that I might not have if I didn't have a blog.

I've come to the conclusion that there are some blogging essentials that I need on a daily basis as well as items that make blogging that bit easier (as it definitely isn't!). I think the items I've mentioned will be a perfect starter kit (remember those old days of Youtube when makeup starter kit videos were a thing?) for new bloggers.

Charging Cable 
Ok, this first one is pretty basic and it is an item that everyone with an iPhone or iPad needs - a good and reliable charging cable. I have gone through so many official apple and...*cough* not so official 'apple' charging cables and every single one breaks on me within a few months but this one feels so durable. Mine always break at the ends because of the wire twisting but this *Askborg ChargeTube with Lightening Connector (£9.99) is made of braided nylon and the ends feel really stiff so they won't twist and break. I've been using this charging cable for the past couple of weeks and it's perfect; it's one of those basic items that you just need and it works so well.

Another pretty basic item but both are so essential for me, my iMac which I blog and edit photos on and my iPhone where all of the social media promoting, editing and scrolling happens, far too much scrolling. My iMac is just perfect for blogging because of the massive screen, easy to use apps and it's super reliable as we've had this one for about eight or nine years.

Back in the old days of the Nokia 3510 and the wonder that is Snake, I never really used my phone and I'm known by my friends and family for never answering or having my phone on me but all of that changed when I received my iPhone 5C as a present a couple of years ago and now I can't be without it. I use the various photo editing and social media apps on my iPhone and I use it to take part in the #lbloggers (7pm on Wed/Sun), #bbloggers (8pm on Wed/Sun) and #TheGirlGang (6pm on Mon) chats on Twitter.

Blog Props
There's one aspect of blogging that I'm always trying to improve and that is my photography. I am never 100% happy with my photos, don't get me wrong some are gorgeous (if I do say so myself) but I always want to make them look better. One thing I never used in the first couple of years of blogging were props but now I always use them. My favourite blog photo props including: books, blankets, towels/fluffy jumpers, candles, fairylights and of course flowers. I like props that looks right with the products, I've seen some photos with props that look odd with the product but I think you can never go wrong with fluffy blankets, candles , fairylights or flowers.

Canon 750D
Cameras for blogging have been the topic of numerous blogger debates and chats and here's my view of it: you need a descent camera to get the best photos you can and also to progress, develop and work with brands, in my opinion. I can't imagine using my iPhone for my blog photos! I bought my Canon 750D last year with money I'd earned just from blogging which was a fantastic milestone for me and I now couldn't live without - it's by far the best camera I've ever used. Before I had the Sony DSc H200, the Nikon L110  and the Nikon L120, which are pretty good and I'd recommend them all but I adore my Canon 750D! Just look at my photos now compared to two years or even three years ago to see the massive difference in quality, sharpness and clarity.

Another basic, inexpensive and definitely essential item, notebooks and stationery! I have far too many notebooks but I do use them constantly along with memo pads and to do lists that I use to keep track of items I'm expecting in the post, tasks that I have to do and notes, blog ideas or recipes. I always have at least two notebooks/pads on the go!

The penultimate essential is one that isn't really discussed or thought of but it's so important! I use various storage boxes, drawers and crates to store blogging items - I have drawers next to my desk for general office/iMac items, stationery, blog prizes (yes, I do have a blog prize drawer) and for items that I need to post about in the next week. I also have a box filled with items I need to photograph which helps me to stay organised, especially around christmas when I'm lucky enough to receive small mountains of products and gifts. Additionally I have a canvas bag that I use for cardboard and paper recycling which is one of the many unglamorous aspects of blogging. SO. MUCH. RECYCLING.

Last but not least, another organising tool that has been helping me organise my blogging schedule - Numbers which is the Apple/iMac version of Excel. Spreadsheets are so useful to plan out and organise blog posts; I usually plan a month or so ahead and it lets me see if I have space to post about new products or if my schedule is too full.

What are your blogging essentials? Do you use any of the products that I do? 


  1. Good storage is key, or products seem to end up spread far and wide! I love my blogging Excel spreadsheet, too, I'd be lost without it ♥

  2. Lovely essentials, and I definitely need to buy a proper camera, taking blog photos with my iPhone isn't the easiest process!

  3. Photoshop, Lightroom, and my camera are my essentials! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. These are all great ideas! I've never thought of planning out my posts with an excel file. I do see a big difference in terms of my followers and the quality of my posts when I plan them out.

  5. Mine would be my external hard drive xx

  6. I have a few gadgets and props but I really need to save up for a camera. I'm currently using my phone & it takes ages to edit my photos.

  7. Such a great post, I can't live without some of these, I did a post like this a while ago
    But I love reading other people's. x

  8. Very helpful post for newbies! My must haves also include Softbox lighting for evenings and winter and my diary!

  9. Yes to all these essentials! It's such a helpful post for newbies! I agree on the cameras - some people make their phones work SO well! I'm not one of those sadly. I do have the Canon 1100D (?) and I absolutely love it. It's made such a difference to my pictures! xx

  10. This is a really nice and practically list of blogging essentials! A good camera and editing tool make all the difference. :)

    Olivia x | Liviatiana

  11. I can use almost every program out there to do with blogging, photoshop, lightroom but excel just confuses the heck out of me! I just don't understand but will try make it a mission to try since I really should start using it as an organisational tool
    Kathy x

  12. I still don't plan using Excel but I do have a notebook which lists everything I want to blog about with a few bulletin points x

  13. I have just bought an external hard drive, I would say that's necessary & photo editing software. A ring light for your phone if you use it to take photos is also a good one xxxx

  14. These are some of my essentials as well. Wouldn't be anywhere without my camera, Macbook and Photoshop!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  15. YES to the storage! Isn't it crazy the amount of stuff that can pile up?! Great post and some great tips too x

  16. Love this post! 100% need a charging cable everywhere I go x

  17. My Olympus Pen is my blogging essential. I couldn't live without it! x

    Mapped Out Blog | Beauty & Fashion

  18. Storage is one thing that I really struggle with. I have a tiny room to both sleep and work from, but my bank holiday weekend task is to sort the storage situation out!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  19. Those bloody official apple chargers are my most hated thing ever. I am on about number 7 now… Luckily I just ‘borrow’ the ones from work haha. I def think a portable charger is a must - especially if you have an iPhone

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  20. Lovely post, thank you for sharing. I couldn't live without my Macbook for blogging, it's like my baby haha.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  21. Perfect essentials! I agree with them all!

    Georgia x

  22. I wish I was as organised as you! x

  23. Blog props are definitely an essential, I really need to pick up a few more bits.

    Kristy |

  24. Great post! Will definitely keep that camera in mind for the future!


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