Movie Night In with the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
When thinking about relaxing, unwinding or spending time with family and friends, movie days or nights are at the top of my list. Spending time with family and friends with a good film or tv series and treats such as pizza, popcorn, chocolate, hot chocolate or cake is one of the social situations I find the most comforting and relaxing.

While I love watching the same films and tv shows again and again *cough Harry Potter cough*, I do like to change up when I'm watching, especially with other people as I'm sure they don't want to watch the same films over and over. So when I received the *Amazon Fire TV Stick to test out, I was very excited as it not only opened up a wider range of tv shows and films to watch but it was also a great excuse to have more movie nights! The Amazon Fire TV Stick I have now isn't available as far as I know but it will be replaced with an all new Amazon Fire TV Stick which will be released on the 6th April.

I'm sure you've all heard of the Amazon Fire TV Stick but if not, here's an explanation: it's a memory stick looking device that when connected to your TV via a HTMI port and additional cables which are provided, you can watch movies and TV that are exclusive to Amazon through Amazon Prime (if you pay £79 per year) but you also have assess to catch up TV channels such as BBC iPlayer, ITV player, Sky News and more. The main reason I wanted to give it a go is because you can view Netflix via the stick.

As with most people who have access to the internet, I am a bit obsessed with Netflix and the amazing TV series and movies available at a cost of around £5.99 per month. I've had Netflix for so long now and I love being able to watch it via the Amazon Fire TV Stick as there is so much choice. Here are some of my current favourite Netflix TV shows/movies:
As you can tell, I like all of the happy TV shows and movies...not! If you are into crime dramas then definitely check out Whitechapel, How To Get Away With Murder (which is my current obsession), The Killing (either the American or Danish version) or Shetland (which always makes me want to visit Shetland). If you like more paranormal TV shows then you need to watch Stranger Things, just click off now and watch it! Lastly, if like me you have a slightly dark, dry sense of humour then watch What We Do In The Shadows which is a comedy, horror mockumentary although I could see why some people really wouldn't like it!

Since receiving and using the Amazon Fire TV Stick, we are considering cancelling Sky as it's really expensive and we're loving using the TV Stick as it is so easy to navigate, there are so many app choices (the catchup channels for example) and even though there were a couple of minor problems while setting it up, they all fixed themselves and it's been more used the Sky box. It is perfect for TV or movie nights with friends and family because it's so easy to use and find what you want (and you can fast forward or rewind REALLY quickly as well as pause) but also because there is so much choice if you have Netflix or Amazon Prime - if you don't then it will only be useful for catchup channels. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Do you have the Amazon Fire TV Stick? Do you have Netflix? If so, what are your favourite TV shows and movies to watch? 

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  1. I'm not the best with tv series, I bore so easily but I do love Amazon prime on the whole :) x

  2. It's such a cool idea if you don't have Netflix x

  3. This sounds good! I too am guilty of watching Harry Potter over and over haha x

  4. I've always liked the idea of a Amazon Firestick but I have never found the need to buy one, but it does sound really good.

    Kristy |

  5. I have the fire stick and just love it, it's great for those TV series you want to binge watch x

  6. We love our Amazon Fire Stick. We also couldn't live without our Echo either. Amazon has completely taken over our house! :)

  7. This seems cool although I probably don't need it and shouldn't enable myself! :P But I've heard good things about it :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  8. i love my fire stick, so many new shows on there too! x

  9. I tried to set up my amazon firestick but I just could not get it to work! So annoying! x

    Mapped Out Blog | Beauty & Fashion

  10. Wish you could get this in NZ! I love watching tv and it would be so nice since I'd be able to watch it on a bigger screen as I'm always watching on my laptop
    Kathy x

  11. Amazon Fire Sticks are great! Such a cool idea. I'd probably consider cancelling Sky as well, there's so much choice on the Fire Stick!

    Georgia x

  12. This is a great idea, we have Netflix so I doubt we'd use it but my dad has one of these and is loving it xxx

  13. I love a good movie night! That popcorn looks so good!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  14. I am obsessed with my Amazon Prime!! I haven't used a fire stick though and actually had no idea what it was! x


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