Pancake Day: Vegan Savoury Pancakes

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Today is Pancake Day, one of my favourite days as I have always loved pancakes, well, I love savoury pancakes! I know savoury pancakes or crepes are unusual to some but the thought of putting lemon juice or sugar on pancakes is wrong to me although that being said I do want to try and make vegan nutella for pancakes.

The lovely people at AO have kindly sent me the *Breville Crepe Maker (£20) which is something I've wanted to try for ages as I usually have pancakes every weekend but for all of 2017 so far, my diet is 90% vegan so I haven't had any until I discovered and then adapted a vegan pancake recipe - now I'm having vegan savoury pancakes every chance I get! I adapted the recipe from The Vegan Corner but it's very difficult now that I've changed it.
As with all pancakes or crepes, whatever the ingredients or tools, it does take practice and the first one is always a throwaway but this crepe and pancake maker is fantastic! My dad is the self confessed king of pancakes but I always end up ripping them, making them too thick or managing to burn the outside while the inside remains uncooked...however with this crepe maker, I haven't burnt, ripped or ruined any pancakes! I think if you're a pancake destroyer, like me, then you need this crepe maker in your life as it makes a stack of crepes and pancakes in minutes with none of them having to be thrown in the bin!

The crepe maker is quite large which is my only negative but other than that it's so quick and easy to use and clean; also none of the pancakes I've made on it so far haven't stuck to it. It does become very hot so you do have to be careful but the temperature scale is easy to alter, I've been keeping it on 3/4 for my pancakes. Now for my recipe:

- 100g of plain white flour or wholewheat flour
- 200g of plant based milk - I use oat milk (g not ml)
- Seasonings and toppings of your choice
1. Weight out your flour and plant based milk and add your batter seasoning - I used garlic granules, salt and white pepper but you could also add dried herbs or nutritional yeast. Mix well and leave for five to ten minutes for the flour to soak up the milk and for the bater to become smooth and thicker.

2. Plug in and switch on the crepe maker and lightly spray or wipe with oil - I use a oil spray or olive oil on a paper towel to distribute a thin layer of oil onto the hot plate of the crepe maker.

3. When the crepe maker is heated and your batter is thicker, use a small ladle to dispense the batter onto the hot plate and use the wooden spreader to distribute the batter in a thin layer. Depending on the temperature of your crepe maker or pan, it should only take a 10-20 per side. Keep flipping until it's cooked through and crisp - add a little oil to the hot plate every couple of pancakes to keep them all crisp.

4. I get about seven mini pancakes using this recipe or three large crepes. I spread the Sainsburys garlic and herb vegan spread cheese over every other pancake and top with fried onions, fresh basil, salt and black pepper but you could top your savoury pancakes with anything you want.

I love these pancakes, you wouldn't know that they are vegan as they taste and look just as good as regular pancakes/crepes. They are soft inside but crisp on the outside when you use olive oil; you don't have to use oil if you use this crepe maker as they don't tend to stick or if you have a very good non-stick pan but I love pancakes with a crisp outside so I always use olive oil!

Will you be making pancakes today? Have you tried a crepe maker? Pancakes - sweet or savoury?


  1. I already had pancakes for breakfast but I am so tempted to make them again, maybe as a desert :) I like savoury pancakes (that looks yummy) too, but now I'm craving for something sweet! Tbh I didn't know there's a crepe maker :) x

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. I'm a sweet pancake kinda gal! I experimented with making matcha pancakes last night :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. they look yum!
    keep in touch

  4. These pancakes sound so delicious.


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