Ultimate Women's Gift Guide

Monday, December 05, 2016
Ultimate Women's Gift GuideI love gift guides, they've been so fun to write and I've been lucky enough to work with amazing brands this year - thank you to the lovely brands and PRs who have contributed wonderful items and gift sets to my gift guides this year! Today's gift guide is my rather long women's gift guide which contains gifts that I think would be great for a range of ages and interests, I know my friends and family would love all of these! 

*AA Essentials Skincare Rose & Pomegranate Duo (£11.88)
I've tried a range of skincare from this brand and I've loved everything but this is the first haircare set I've received. I love the packaging, it's nicely presented in a box so it would make a lovely gift. The products contain anti-oxidant rich pomegranate and rose; both products are suitable for vegans to use (on a side note, did you know that the new £5 notes actually contain animal fat!). The shampoo and conditioner both smell gorgeous and are suitable for all hair types so not only does it look like a lovely gift but it will be suitable for everyone! 
Ultimate Women's Gift Guide
Books have become a massive part of my life this year (I know that sounds so cheesy) and I've read over 70 this year which I'm so proud of so obviously I want to gift people books this year and you really can't go wrong with a Mary Berry baking book or any useful and interesting non-fiction read. 

*Mary Berry Cook The Perfect Step by Step (£25)
The edition I have from the lovely people at DK Publishing has a free baking themed tote bag included so it would make an extra special gift (it would be great for groceries). I love Mary Berry, she's like the nations grandmother and I'm still slightly devastated about the Bake Off news. I love her cooking programmes so I knew I'd love her book - my auntie has it too and uses it all of the time. I love the recipes, they're so easy to follow and I love the cute tote bag as well. 

*Neals Yard Remedies Essential Oils (£16.99)
I love the Neals Yard skincare I've tried (I've reviewed the Deliciously Ella skincare on my blog) so I was interested to check out this book. I love using essential oils to scent my bedroom before I sleep, in diffusers and within skincare and bodycare I use so it's been interesting to find out more about essential oils. There are various recipes to try out to make ointments and more so it would be great for those who currently use essential oils or who love to make their own beauty products. 
Ultimate Women's Gift Guide
Tweezerman has been one of my favourite brands for years, even before I started my blog so it's amazing that I get to work with them! I've tried lots of lovely products from Tweezerman and I cannot recommend their eyelash curlers, tweezers, mirrors and brow mousse enough! I've been sent some of their gorgeously sparkly new autumn/winter 2016 collection. 

*Rose Gold Love Story Gift Set (£34.95)
I can't get over how incredibly gorgeous this rose gold set is! It's sparkly and perfect for the festive season *and bloggers!*. The set contains a good sized makeup bag, award winning eyelash curler and tweezers which makes a fantastic gift set. I adore the eyelash curler as it fits my almond/deep set eyes perfectly (the Tweezerman eyelash curler is so much better than the famous Shu Uemura one I have) and I cannot recommend their tweezers enough. It came in a beautifully presented rose gold box so it would make a gorgeous gift for beauty lovers. 

*Merry & Bright Mini Tweezer and Mirror (£25)
Another incredible set, I adore anything sparkly during the festive season and sparkly gifts definitely make the best gifts. I've had one of these Tweezerman mirrors years ago and loved using it as it's a magnifying light up mirror so it is fantastic for precisely tweezing the brows although you do get to see how gross pores are! I love the cute, sparkly tweezer design; the set would be great for anyone but especially for travellers. 

*All That Glitters Holiday Set (£29.95)
Sticking with the glittery, sparkly theme, this final set is so festive and it's a limited edition set so snap it up while you can! I love the golden glitter, the red detailing and the cute case that would make travelling or keeping your tweezers on the go much easier and safer. I have been using Tweezerman tweezers for about eight years and I cannot recommend them enough! 
Ultimate Women's Gift Guide
Hand creams and bodycare are safe but lovely gifts, I've bought so many hand creams for myself and others over the years and also body sets - they're safe and easy gifts for so many recipients such as friends, aunties, cousins and my mum loves any bodycare or hand cream set. Additionally as most people use products like the ones I'm featuring, they would be great as a secret santa gift. 

*Crabtree & Evelyn hand Therapy Sampler Set (£26)
The set contains six gorgeously floral hand creams including lavender, freesia, violet, lily, rosewater and jasmine. The set is worth £36 so it's great value and it looks so pretty too. The hand creams are a famous and best selling product of Crabtree and Evelyn. I've tried so many hand creams and these are lovely. I've featured the cute Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy Cracker in my Stocking Fillers Gift Guide and I love it too. They have so many gorgeous and festive gift sets to choose from!

*Dermalogica Body Buffering Set (£15.50)
This next gift is also great value for money as the contents are worth £36.45 so it's a great deal - go, go, go! The set contains a conditioning body wash, body hydrating cream and a ultimate buffering cloth. The set is packaged so nicely and the products smell gorgeous. To me, the highlight of the set is the buffering cloth which is designed to buff and polish the skin leaving it feeling so silky soft and exfoliated. 
Ultimate Women's Gift Guide
The final couple of items are more lifestyle gifts that I think will be perfect for so many recipients as who doesn't love cookies and candles! I love cookies and candles especially at this time of the year as they are VERY hygge and great for being cosy during the cold and dreary autumn/winter months. 

*Gooey Chocolate Mug Cookie Mix (£5.95)
Is there a more perfect christmas day gift that a yummy gooey chocolate cookie in a mug mix with Belgian chocolate that's ready in less than a minute...no, there isn't! The box contains four portions so it would be great to share if your feeling the christmas spirit, if not then I won't judge (I'd probably want it all for myself too!). I've tried the mug mix is it's so quick, easy and so delicious; I don't have a massive sweet tooth but one of my favourite sweet treats are definitely cookies, especially when they're warm. I know every one of my friends would love this kit as well as my sister and cousins; also the price is great so it would be great as a low budget secret santa gift. If you don't like the sound of the cookie mix (then leave my blog now), then there are other options to choose from including gluten free mixes. 

*Tangy Melon Candles (£9.95)
I love candles and I burn them so much more during the autumn and winter months than at any other time of the year so they're great christmas gifts for me. I was kindly sent a couple from Tangy Melon which are adorably packaged. I chose the #WhiteChristmas candle which is spiced apple and pumpkin scented although to me it has a sweet fruity scented rather than spicy or pumpkin notes; I also chose the #Dope candle which is heavenly and scented with lavender and rosemary. I adore this candle, the scent is gorgeous and the scent throw/dispersion is impressive as I have it burning in my office and I can smell it down the stairs! 

Phew, that was a long post! I have been lucky enough to receive some lovely gifts to feature this year and I cannot recommend them enough, especially the Tweezerman sets, mug cookie mix, the gorgeous #dope candle and the Mary Berry book although every gift would be great! 

Stay tuned for my under £15 gift guide and last minute gift guides coming soon!

What do you think of the gifts I've featured? Have you finished your christmas shopping? 


  1. I am loving the new Tweezerman collection, especially the rose gold set... it's just so gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I will not mind if all I received this xmas were some great candles, I am obsessed and going through so many so quickly!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. omg a mug cake mix?! Could they make it any easier - yum!


  4. What a great gift guide. I love the look of the Mary Berry book. Gemma x

  5. I love the look of the Tweezerman sets! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  6. the Mary Berry book looks so good!



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