Tegen Hair Accessories

Wednesday, December 07, 2016
Tegen Hair Accessories
Hair accessories haven't always been something that I bought or used growing up *apart from the glittery butterfly clips and velvet alice bands we all had in the 90's* but this year I have been wearing more clips/claws so I don't have to have my hair tied up but I still have it off my face. However, all of the hair accessories I've bought have been cheap and easily breakable, I've lost count of the number of hair clips, grips and bobbles that I've managed to break - in comes Tegen Accessories to the rescue!

Tegen Accessories make luxury, high quality hair clips, claws and barrettes that are unique and handmade in France. They have such a wide range of products from clips, fascinators and hair extensions to headbands, grips, scrunchies and so much more. They stock products from a range of designers and they offer free delivery on orders of £25.

*Large Arched Bow Barette (£24.95)
All of the items came really well packaged and beautifully presented with tissue paper and cute organza bags so they'd make lovely gifts. The bow barrette is so cute, it's very 60's in my opinion and it stays really securely in the hair and it would be lovely as a detail on up-do (my SD card annoyingly became corrupted a couple of weeks ago and I lost the photos of the hairstyles I tried with these clips as well as over 500 others but on the Tegen Accessories website they have great hairstyle photos!). It's made of strong acetate and steel so there's no way I will end up breaking it!

*Vintage Floral Barrette (£14.95)
This gorgeous barrette is created by British designer Rosie Fox and it is definitely my favourite item from the lovely accessories I've kindly been sent. I adore the vintage, classic style and the sparkly stones. As with the previous barrette it feels very durable, well made and secure although for me it is a teeny bit heavy but it looks gorgeous and would be perfect as part of a Christmas party or New Year hair style, I mean just look at how pretty it is!
Tegen Hair Accessories
Now onto the more everyday hair claws/clips that I've been using pretty much everyday as I work from home and I don't want to have my hair down as it's just irritating when I'm trying to work but when I have my hair tied up, it can give me a headache so hair clips and claw grips are SO useful. Until now, I've only tried cheap ones from Primark and I've broken so many over the years but that will not happen with these three.

*Wavy Teeth Hair Claw (£4.95)
This little clip has been perfect for everyday to keep my hair off my face and unlike some hair claws/clips it doesn't pull on my hair or slide out easily. I love the simple but unique design, it holds all of my hair better than bigger and cheaper clips I've tried. There are three other colours to choose from and the price ranges from £2.95 to £4.95.

*Octopus Thick Hair Claw (£8.95)
I used to wear my hair up in a bun so much when it was shorter but now my hair is very close to waist length and I end up using 6+ bobbles as well as kirby grips to keep it in place and even so it gives me a headache and falls out halfway through the day. However, with this I can have my hair in a bun all day without being too heavy and without a million grips and bobbles!

*Square Hair Claw (£16.95)
The final accessory, if I'm complete honest, isn't my favourite of the five items I've been sent but it still works really well to secure my hair and keep it off my face while being comfortable and lightweight. I have the 'Prada Style' design but there are six others to choose from - the 'Onyx' one looks so unique and pretty!

Overall, I'm really impressed with all of the hair accessories I've been kindly sent and I don't think I could go back to cheap hair clips and grips now as they will feel even more cheap and brittle. The quality is fantastic and I adore the Vintage Barrette and the Octopus Hair Claw the most. I've been using them so much since I received them a couple of weeks ago and cannot recommend them enough - I know the price for a couple may be a little high but the quality is amazing and there are others that are really affordable. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

What do you think of these lovely hair accessories? Do you wear hair accessories?


  1. these look so pretty and sophisticated! I should wear more hair accessories but truth is, I always have it down :/
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. These are so pretty! Unfortunately I never really wear hair accessories but I'll definitely check out this brand!

  3. Those are so pretty.
    I love hair claws. I find they are just perfect for keeping my crummmy hair off of my neck.
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


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