Landon Tyler Candle + Diffuser

Sunday, October 09, 2016
Landon Tyler Candle + Diffuser
Candles are such an essential for me, especially during the colder months as they not only provide a gorgeous scent but they make any room look incredibly cozy and homely; also candles and warm cozy lighting is essential for the feeling of hygge. I was very kindly sent a couple of products from the lovely people at Landon Tyler to try out.

*Landon Tyler Chesil Beach Candle (£8)
Landon Tyler has a range of scents but the one I chose was Chesil Beach which contains woody notes as well as lavender, bergamot and spice. I mainly chose this range because of the lavender, I'm obsessed with lavender as to me it is such an incredibly relaxing and calming scent. The candle looks much more expensive than it actually is and it smells amazing! To me the scent is musky, floral and rich - it would be perfect for the spring and autumn months. I adore the scent but I think to some it could be a little powdery/old fashioned. I always have candles burning in the office at home but as they are on a windowsill they never tend to burn 100% evenly but that is easy to counteract by turning the candle every so often. The scent is stronger than I though it would be as cheaper candles tend to be very subtle but this one isn't. I'd definitely recommend this candle, it's inexpensive, it smells lovely and it burns well. The only negative is that I seem to be burning through it very quickly! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.
Landon Tyler Candle + Diffuser
*Landon Tyler Chesil Beach Diffuser (£10) 
I am definitely more of a candle person but as my mum is a bit...paranoid about candles, I am always looking for diffusers that don't look really cheap and that actually give off a scent. I have tried quite a few and most are very subtle, they don't last long and they look really cheap but this one is fantastic. As with the candle, it looks a bit more expensive than it actually is and the scent is the same as the candle - musky, floral and gorgeous. I have the diffuser at the front door and I can smell it half way up the stairs which is impressive (even my mum is impressed!).  Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried anything from this brand? What is your favourite candle brand/scent? 


  1. Looks nice!



  2. I'm addicted to home fragrance products and these sound really good. - Amy x

  3. The candle sounds amazing! I love going througha candlw quickly. Shows you loved it!
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