Recipe: Cinnamon Banana Bread Muffins

Sunday, June 26, 2016
If you don't know, I love baking, I find baking and cooking in general so relaxing but I haven't had time recently because of learning to drive which is so time consuming and stressful! Anyway, we had some bananas that were over ripe so I thought it was the right time to bake. I'm not a fan of banana bread so I changed the recipe, the original recipe can be found, here.

  • 1 cup of white granulated sugar 
  • 3 ripe bananas 
  • 1/2 cup of sunflower oil
  • 2 cups of plain white flour  
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda 
  •  1 medium egg 
  • 1 tablespoon of ground/powdered cinnamon  

Step One: Pre-heat your oven to 170 celsius (for the fan setting) and place muffin/cupcake cases into a muffin tin ready for the mixture. I used fairly large cupcake cases that were quite sturdy as the mixture is quite thick.

Step Two: Combine the sugar, sunflower oil and the egg in a bowl. I used my Kitchenaid so there was no mess and it was SO quick and easy! Combine all three ingredients until it is smooth, yellow and fully mixed together.

Step Three: Mash the bananas with a fork, I used bananas that weren't overly ripe and I added them a little at a time so they were incorporated into the mixture easier and smoother but you will still get little chunks in the mixture which is fine! Add in as much cinnamon as you like, I used about a tablespoon as I love cinnamon but I will add a bit more next time.

Step Four: Sift in the flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda into the banana, sugar, oil and egg mixture (I made it sound so appetising, I know) and mix well!

Step Five: Spoon the mixture into the cases until they are just over half full and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. Insert a toothpick or cake tester into the muffins to see if they are cooked through - they will be if the toothpick/tester comes out of the muffin clean. Wait to cool before eating, even though it won't be easy as they make the house smell SO good!
As I said, I'm not a massive fan of banana bread but I really liked these and they are so incredibly quick and easy to make. They don't contain butter which is another plus and the mixture made about 22 for me but it will vary depending on the size of cupcake/muffin cases you use. They aren't super light and fluffy as they do contain mashed up banana in them but they definitely aren't dense or heavy either. They are so tasty, comforting and great as a snack or part of your breakfast. They are suitable for vegetarians but they are not suitable for vegans. The addition of cinnamon makes them perfect for me!

Have you made cinnamon banana bread muffins before? What have you been baking recently? Will you try this recipe? 


  1. I was sold when you mentioned it had banana's and it was in muffin form... THIS LOOKS SO DELICIOUS! thanks for the recipe :)

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  2. These look and sound delicious. I made banana bread a month or so ago and it was vile! Your recipe is much more up my street haha! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. I don't like banana bread! But this recipe is much sweeter x

  3. YUM! These look so good. xx


  4. These look DELISHHH! I love banana and cinnamon combo x

    Kookii || Beauty By Her♥

  5. Hey, I love your blog layout - it is seriously lovely!

    These muffins look so yummy, thanks for sharing!

  6. these look AMAZING. Great way to use the bananas in my kitchen xX thanks so much for sharing!

  7. These look so delicious and I have bananas going off too! This will be perfect to make in the morning!
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


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