Unique Gift Ideas ft. I Just Love It

Monday, May 02, 2016
Unique Gift Ideas ft. I Just Love It
When it comes to giving gifts, I always want to give something unique, personalised or something that they don't have or don't expect and I Just Love It is perfect to find such gifts. They have a personalised children santa book that I had when I was a child and I loved it, they also have gorgeous engraved gifts and amazing wedding gifts.

I was very kindly asked if I wanted to review some of their gifts and I am so happy with the products I chose, some are for family and others are for me...The first its I am reviewing is my favourite item, it was a close call though and it's the *LED Ampersand Wall Light (£28.99) which if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you will have seen it already as it is a perfect blogger gift and it's perfect as a photograph background prop - #BloggerProblems thinking about things like this all of the time!

To me, it looks like a carnival/circus light which I adore and it looks amazing in blog photographs and next to my rose gold Crosley cruiser record player; everyone seems to love it and I think the ampersand or initials would make a lovely and unique gift. I cannot recommend it enough and I love mine!
Unique Gift Ideas ft. I Just Love It
I also have the *Treemendous Card (£6.99) which is probably, actually not probably, it is the most unusual birthday card idea ever! Yes, it's a greetings card *of sorts* but inside is a live and ready to plant tree...a tree. The tree is a Scots Pine and it looks so cute; I need to plant it ASAP. I just thought this was the most unique card I've ever seen and it would be perfect for green fingered friends or family or if you just wanted to completely surprise someone.

I chose a cute personalised gift next for my sister, the *Engraved Wooden Mixing Spoon (£7.99). Pretty much everyone in my family and all of my friends love cooking and baking so this would be the perfect gift for anyone I know. It's not the most practical personalised gift as the lettering will be covered and maybe worn away as it is being used but it's so cute!

Last but not least, another amazing and unique gift idea, a *Victorian Newspaper (£20) which is the perfect gift for me as I adore history and historical items. You can choose a year and you will be sent an ORIGINAL newspaper from that year which is amazing; I chose 1888 as I hoped that I would get a newspaper featuring or mentioning Jack the Ripper but sadly not; however it is still so interesting and I received The Times newspaper from February 1888.
Overall, I adore all of the gifts I choose and I'm really grateful to receive and review them; I know my sister will love the gift I chose for her. I don't think I need to rave about the gorgeous ampersand light more but, I adore it and you will continue to see it in all of my instagram and blog photos!

What do you think of the gifts I chose? Have you checked out I Just Love It? 


  1. Ok I absolutely love the ampersand you chose! It is so pretty and you are right - perfect blogger prop! The newspaper idea is great and would make a perfect birthday gift!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. I am such a sucker for anything copper that lights up so this is literally perfect. I love having cute things like this around my room, it really just finishes everything off perfectly!


  3. I love the LED lamp, perfect as a prop for blog photos x

    Beauty with charm | Benefit Cheekathon Giveaway

  4. I love the led lamp so much!! True! makes a perfect prop.


  5. The ampersand light is so pretty, I'd love something like that in my house.


  6. the light is gorgeous! :) LOVE it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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