Scholl Wet & Dry Foot File

Sunday, May 08, 2016
Scholl Wet & Dry Foot File
I have wanted to try a product like this for so long however I'm always a little spectacle about 'beauty tools' and to be honest the adverts for electric foot files make me feel quite ill! I always very kindly sent the *Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Foot File (£59.99) which is a rechargeable device that is waterproof so it can be used in the bath or shower!

I know product reviews regarding feet can gross people out, I completely understand, then maybe this post isn't for you. However, I've wanted to try this for a while and I was excited when it arrived. It is so easy to set up and charge, you need to charge it fully with it's stand before you use it; mine was fully charged in about an hour.

The device comes with the handle, charging stand and plug/USB cable and the roller head - you only get one roller head in the kit, I think they should have included and extra especially for the price. The device is comfortable to hold and so incredibly easy to use. You just turn it on and it will start up on the first speed (there's a second faster speed option). It does sound a little loud and it looks slightly terrifying but it isn't as harshly exfoliating as I thought it would be.
Scholl Wet & Dry Foot File
It is definitely powerful and exfoliating enough to work well on drier areas, for me anyway and like the advert you do see the effectiveness of the device *shudder*. It isn't painful or too exfoliating, it's so quick and easy to use and it is just very handy. I've used it wet and dry and there isn't much of a difference but I think it works slightly more effectively when you have soaked in the bath for a while and the skin is much softer. I've used it a few times and I'm happy with it, although it isn't something I would need to use very regularly but it leaves the dry much smoother.

My dad bought some replacements roller heads (approx. £20 for a pack of two which is a little pricey in my opinion) so he could try it out too. This is the gross part, my dads feet are SO much drier and in need of a tonne of TLC compared to mine so I guess it was a fantastic test of the device. He also used the device wet and dry (which I think is a great feature) and it worked really well for him; although he said it would be better if it was more powerful and I do have to agree. Another good feature is that if you are pressing too hard, the device will stop working until you reduce the pressure.

Overall, I think it is incredibly quick and easy to set up and use. I love that it can be used wet and dry and it did work well for myself and my dad although I do think it would be better if it was a bit more powerful. I haven't used the product for a long time so I don't know how often it will need to be charged or how long it will take for the roller head to become dull and less effective. It has SO many positive reviews so it's definitely worth trying! Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you tried any of the Scholl foot files? 


  1. I have been wanting to try this one out as well! It looks great!



  2. I really want to try this out! With summer coming this would be great! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I get a little put off by foot tools as well :) but nothing better when you just file your feet down and they feel smooth.

    Meme xx

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  4. Now that summer is approaching, I definitely need to invest in one of these. xx


  5. I have always wanted to use something like this as well but I always thinks it's never really going to work and is just a bit of a gimmick. Maybe I should finally give it a try!

    1. That's what I thought but it is well worth trying out x

  6. I have a similar foot file and I absolutely love it, I use it weekly and my feet are kept in great condition all year round :) x

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