Thai New Year + Vegan Lunch Recipes

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Thai New Year + Vegan Lunch Recipes
Today marks the start of the Thai New Year *13th April - 15th* and to celebrate, I'm going to be talking about easy cooking kits, food and quick and easy thai inspired lunch ideas. I'm a vegetarian (of almost 12 years now, I can't believe it myself!) so the two lunch idea recipes in this post are not only suitable for vegetarians but they are both suitable for vegans too.

I was very kindly sent a range of products and kits from Thai Taste and I was excited to try the products and see what recipes I could come up with. I received:

- Thai Taste Sweet Chilli Sauce
- Thai Taste Coconut Milk
- Thai Taste East Thai Green Curry Kit
- Thai Taste Easy Thai Red Curry Kit
- Thai Taste Sticky Rice
- Thai Taste Rice Noodles

I haven't tried anything from this brand or cooked specifically Thai food before until I received these products. I love the packaging, there is a great range of products to choose from, all of the products are widely available and I think the prices are really reasonable, especially the kits at only £2.29!
Thai New Year + Vegan Lunch Recipes
Rice noodles with mushrooms and carrot noodles in a creamy coconut, chill and tarragon sauce
Firstly, if you know me in 'real life' then you will know that I adore pasta and noodles so the rice noodles was the first product I received that I wanted to try. I haven't tried rice noodles before so I didn't know what the texture would be like but I ended up loving them!

I used my spiraliser to make some carrot 'noodles' and fried them along with garlic and mushrooms in toasted sesame oil. To make the sauce I use the coconut milk I received; I added light soy sauce, chilli flakes, taragon and...crunchy peanut butter, stick with me here. I adore Thai peanut noodle type recipes and I always try and make me own versions of recipes. You don't taste peanut butter but it adds sweetness and a nutty flavour to the sauce which if you haven't tried it, I'd definitely recommend it.

The noodle texture is different to 'normal' noodles that I'm used to and they won't be for everyone but I really liked them especially within the slightly spicy, tarragon and coconut sauce. I adore tarragon with coconut milk and chilli! This improvised recipe and lunch idea was so yummy, filling and really quick and easy to make; I will definitely be making this again!
Thai New Year + Vegan Lunch Recipes
 Thai sticky rice with vegan Quorn pieces, green beans, carrots and coconut milk
As with the previous lunch idea, I also haven't cooked with Thai sticky rice before! The rice cooks a little differently to 'normal' rice but it is a bit quicker to cook which is always a plus. I started by lightly frying green beans, carrots, garlic, ginger and mushrooms in toasted sesame oil *I love toasted sesame oil, if you couldn't tell already*. Half way through cooking, I added the coconut milk, chilli flakes, tarragon and Quorn vegan pieces - yes, Quorn have launched a range of vegan products!

I love the Quorn vegan products I've tried and they work well with so many recipes, this one included. It's a really tasty lunch idea, the rice is obviously different but I like it and it makes a really filling lunch which is something I always look for as I tend to snack throughout the day but more filling lunch ideas help with that.

Overall, I'm really happy with the products I have tried from Thai Tastes, I only used the rice noodles, coconut milk and sticky rice for these lunch ideas but I will have reviews of the Thai curry kits on my Vegetarian Food Blog soon so stay tuned for those reviews!

What do you think of my Thai inspired lunch ideas? Have you tried any products from Thai Tastes? 


  1. I love qorn, and the second recipe looks amazing!!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I actually tried Thai Taste not too long ago and I was really impressed! As someone who eats a vegan diet these recipes both sound amazing! please do more haha x

  3. oh my goodness this looks amazing. I really need to start eating better! This looks fab!

  4. These look delicious, especially the noodles with mushrooms!



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