Valentines Gifts For Him

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Valentines Gifts For Him
Valentines Day is almost here and I have a few gift ideas for the men in your life. Men can be so difficult to buy for, and I always end up buying the same thing - aftershave/shower products but I hope this post will give you some new gift ideas for him! This post is not sponsored but it is a collaborative post on valentines gifts for him

- Watch: While it may seem like something of a bland gift to purchase for him on Valentine’s Day, it is actually somewhat difficult to go wrong when buying him a watch and you can be assured that you are onto something of a winner with this one. A Casio Timepiece will certainly go down well with him and it is also the perfect time to get him to stop wearing the same watch he has been wearing for the last 10 years. Try to go for one which oozes style and sophistication, it is better to view it as something of an investment in making sure that he looks his best!

- Aftershave: This present really is a no-brainer and you can be certain that you are onto a winner with this one; make sure that you take the time to visit a decent outlet and smell the different aftershaves and eau de toilettes. If you need a bit of help choosing something then make sure that you have a quick smell of his existing selection to pick out something that you will be to his taste, oh, and to yours of course!

- Books: Books, especially cooking books are safe gifts, in my opinion, they are always well received. Although horror andmore unusual books will make an interesting gift - the new collection of short stories by Stephen King will surely be a hit.

- Experience Days: Experience days are fantastic gifts, you can book a flying lesson, photo shoots, wine tasting or Go Ape which is the UK's No1 treetop adventure! With most experience days you can book it for two people so you can have the experience too. 
- Entertainment: If your partner is something of a TV or film geek, then you know that you will be able to get him to do anything for you for the rest of the year. Or, alternatively, if you are still having to endure watching episodes of the Sopranos over and over again, then this could well be a shrewd purchase. This nifty little USB device slots into the back of your TV and enables you to stream a whole host of excellent TV shows. This will also encourage him to stop wasting money on Sky TV or Virgin Media and spend the money on you instead!
- Wallet: Make sure he doesn’t have any excuses for losing his cash or, more importantly, for having a photo of you to hand! A stylish wallet really can complete the look of a man and you can be certain that he will love it just as much as you. Take the time to do some research and find something that is really special and that will stand out. Also, if you can afford it, make sure that you splurge a bit of cash on a genuine leather; it really does make such a big difference.

What do you think of these gift ideas?


  1. i got him a watch for birthday so we are not doing gifts this month :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Such a great list, you can never go wrong with matches, aftershave or wallets x

    Beauty with charm

  3. My husband and I never exchange gifts for Valentines since it isn't a big deal to us. However his birthday is coming up in April so I will be keeping these ideas in mind.

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


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