Doodle a Poodle?

Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doodle a Poodle - Adult Colouring Books
In 2015 adult colouring books seemed to appear out of nowhere and became the 'it' relaxation product and I have always wanted to get one but I didn't know which to buy as there are quite a few. I was very kindly sent two doodle books from Michael O'Mara Books and I was excited to give them a go!

They are both quite unique as it isn't just a colouring book but it shows you different techniques to use to add texture/dimension to the pre/half drawn illustrations or to replicate the illustrations shown. Also unlike traditional colouring books, this one encourages creativity rather than just colouring in patterns. I love the names of both books, they are cute, fun and so colourful.

- *Doodle a Poodle Book (£7.99): First up, my favourite of the two, the Doodle a Poodle book which contains cute and unique illustrations of various dog breeds for you to colour in, finish off and replicate as you want - either using the techniques shown in the beginning of the book or however you want. The chihuahua, corgi and dachshund pages are my favourite. It would make a great gift for dog lovers and doodlers alike!

- *Colour a Cat (£7.99): This is a bit of a controvertible opinion but I don't actually like cats, probably because my granddads cat was such a grump and always scratched everyone but I think this book will appeal to so many of my friends and fellow bloggers! As with the previous book, the illustrations are created by Hannah Rollings and they are so cute. The american shorthair, persian and rag doll are my favourite pages in the book. A perfect addition to a cat lovers home!

Overall, I love both of the books and I have found it to be quite a relaxing process, especially as I am currently doing a digital detox. The size of the books is great too as they aren't tiny. I love the illustrations and the design of the books but try as I might I still cannot draw but it is a fun and almost calming process. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Here's my not so mini wish list:

Have you bought any adult colourings books? Have you tried either of these? 


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