Body Confidence Survey With Jacamo

Friday, December 04, 2015
Body Confidence Survey With Jacamo
Image from Jacamo
Jacamo have conducted the first ever report on male body confidence in the UK which I think is fantastic as the lack of body confidence isn't solely a female issue but men have body issues too. I'm sure everyone has felt annoyed, upset or down about their body at some point and it's something that affects so many people, male and female. The report found that 40% of the men involved suffer with 'Manxiety' which is a term created to describe the male population's dissatisfaction with their body image; although in my opinion, I think creating 'buzzwords' for such things can actually lessen the importance of the topic!

Anyway, the report also found that as with women, there are many factors that negatively affect your body image and for men and women one of the main factors is advertising and the media in which unrealistic and unattainable body images are shown to us as the norm when they aren't.

Almost half of the men involved  said that they desperately wanted to lose weight and again factors such as the media and advertising, in my opinion, can have such an impact on your own views of body image - especially younger generations were the media is a constant presence. The report also found that the 25 - 39 age group was the least confident with regards to their body shape and body confidence; however 35% of the men involved stated that they would feel better and more confident about their body image if they received a compliment.

Giving anyone a compliment would make them feel better, whether it is your brother, husband, friends, colleagues or your dad. I would choose to give my dad a compliment as even though he has a stressful job, he plays sport (you can tell I know what I'm taking about when it comes to the sports don't you...) and he is always put together and well dressed - unless he's painting or building walls for people. From the report, they found that 61% of men said that wearing the right clothes makes them feel more confident so in light of the findings maybe a winter wardrobe refresh would be a great and thoughtful christmas gift this year (although maybe they would want video games and whisky more!).

For more information on the campaign, check out the Jacamo #Ladmiration blog post or the campaign video with Freddie Flintoff and Jack Whitehall.

What do you think of the Jacamo report? Do you think body confidence for men or women is worsening and what do you think could help? 


  1. Great post and cause to highlight as from body issues to disorders men always seem to get left behind or forgotten about and they struggle too xxx


    1. They do and I think more needs to be said in the media about it xx

  2. I'm a firm beliver that advertising is the route of all evil! lol very informative post xx

  3. body confidence is definitely worsening for men I'd say! fortunately there are some fighters for female body conf. as it's considered a 'bigger deal' but the media is just going to ruin us all! interesting post

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  4. Body confidence for men is an issue that needs to be talked about more or at least on the same level as women's body confidence! Men have alot of deal to with too!

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  5. I agree that buzzwords can lower the importance of such issues, and when I hear such things, it bothers me. Let's be honest, we all suffer from this, it should not be gender specific!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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