Handmade & Personalised Gifts From Etsy

Monday, November 23, 2015
Handmade & Personalised Gifts From Etsy

Stocking Fillers

Personalised Night Sky Tote Bag (£12 - Hannah Stevens Shop)  -  Wooden Tree Decoration (£8 - Rachel Emma Studio)  -  Christmas House Cookies (£4, Nila Holden)  -  Sherlock Brooch (£8, Kates Little Store)  -  Personalised Wooden Spoon (£9.50, Bespoke and Oak Co)  -  Personalised Camera Notebook (£9.95, Made By Ellis)
Handmade & Personalised Gifts From Etsy

Gifts For Him

Personalised Heart Ornament (£3.20, BR Salty Candy)  -  Father's Day iPhone Case (£39, Sophia Victoria Joy)  -  Personalised World Map (£15, STN Stationery)  -  Personalised Wooden Spoon (£4, Lanky Cow)  -  Personalised Ceramic Bauble (£7.50, Darwin and Gray)  -  Personalised Marble Serving Board (£48, Sophia Victoria Joy)
Handmade & Personalised Gifts From Etsy

Gifts For Her

Personalised Baking Bowl (£22, Desirable Giftware)  -  Rose Gold Initial Necklace (from £9.95, Custom Chic 801)  -  Cat Lady Mug (£14.75, Sophia Victoria Joy)  -  Scrabble Print (from £15, Boka Print)  -  Personalised Stationery Set (£10.14, Curio Press)  -  Handmade Recipe Book (£28, Dani Fox Books)

What do you think of the gifts I've featured? Will you be buying any personalised or handmade gifts from Etsy this year?


  1. beautiful post!


  2. I have been all over Etsy this weekend, ordering personalised Christmas gifts for family! I think it is so much more special when you can add a personal touch to agift :) x

    Brenda BusyBee

  3. I am the biggest Etsy fan so I absolutely loved this post hun. The mug and wooden spoons are so cute!


  4. ohh, I love these choices! Etsy is probably my fav. place to get gifts, as everything is so unique and extra special, as they are handmade x

  5. I'm writing my Christmas list right now so this a very helpful post! Etsy is such a wonderful, unique site and you've pointed me in the direction of some great stuff! I already knew of Darwin & Grey - aren't they brilliant??

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    1. They are - the baubles they made are gorgeous x

  6. These gifts are so dainty and gorgeous! I love the look of the rose gold necklace and the wooden spoons. Everything is so cute, I really need to check Easy for Christmas gifts out, as I never thought of this before - thanks Heather!:D

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  7. Great post! I too love ordering from Etsy, especially personalised items! I'm planning on getting a few items to give as gifts this Christmas :)

  8. The personalised mug is so cute and I love the rose gold necklace :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. Oh wow, clearly I need to explore Etsy a little bit more because these are all excellent! I love the crazy cat lady cup. I'm thinking I need that in my life (sadly.)

    A Northern Light

  10. I love Etsy, you can always find such lovely and original gift ideas on there! I am in love with that cat lady mug and I'll definitely be heading to Etsy for my Christmas shopping this year :) Xx

    A Blonde Moment

  11. That dainty necklace is gorgeous, but I adore the wooden spoons! I need a set!
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