Christmas: Penhaligons Fragrance Set

Saturday, November 07, 2015
Christmas: Penhaligons Fragrance Set
It may have occurred to you, that I am a bit of a perfume collector, I do have quite a few and I do go through them at quite a fast pace...oops! I've tried perfumes from a range of brands such as Yves Rocher, Caudalie, Nuxe and celebrity fragrances to Prada, Giorgio Armani and Diptyque. One brand that I have wanted to try for a while is Penhaligons as I always read great reviews of their products!

I received the *Penhaligons Ladies Fragrance Collection (£29.99) from Qwerkity which contains four 5ml fragrances. Firstly the box and packaging is just gorgeous, so decadent and fancy so it would aesthetically look like an impressive gift even though the box and bottles themselves are relatively small. The fragrances are as follows:

- Lily of the valley EDT: Powdery, sweet and floral. The scent of this perfume reminds me of something from my childhood, I don't know what, maybe my mum or aunties wore something similar. It is sweet and floral as well as powdery which may make it more suitable for older generations but I personally still like it. This is the only eau de toilette in th set, the others are eau de parfum.

- Ellenisis EDP: Sweet, unusual and musky. This fragrance is much more unique and unusual! To me is is sweet with musky floral notes but it also reminds me of old fashioned boiled hard sweets too - it is definitely unusual. I think this one could be a bit of a hit or miss for some people.

- Malabah EDP: Musky, spicy and sweet. Now this is one I would definitely go for! The scent is musky and powdery it's a Christmassy kind of spice to it. I didn't expect a scent like this from such a traditional English perfumers. It isn't too strong and I think it's my favourite from the set - the bottle of this perfume is definitely my favourite.

- Artemisia EDP: Very sweet, fresh and familiar. As with the first fragrance, this one reminds me of a perfume either myself or my mum had years ago so it's quit nostalgic. It is sweet and fairly fresh, especially compared to the others. To me it seems to have perdominantly vanilly and floral notes which I personally like.
Christmas: Penhaligons Fragrance Set
Overall, I think the set looks just amazing and the fragrances are all so nice, especially the Malabah perfume which I love! The little bottles looks so cute and luxe and even though they don't have a spray or dropper they are still easy to use - I've been using the lid to apply the fragrances to my wrists but a spray pull have been more convenient, in my opinion. I think this set would go down very well as a Christmas gifts for her - I know my mum and aunties would love it! Overall rating: ★, 5/5.

Have you tried anything from Penhaligons or Qwerkity?


  1. Wow , I love the look of this set it looks soo cute and girly , would look lovely on my bedrrom cupboard ... hope I get one for xmas ♥

  2. They look so pretty. Almost like mystical potions! Haha! I would totally buy this for decorating my room x


  3. This fragrance set looks amazing! They remind me of items an apothecary would sell, the jars in particular!

    1. They are very old fashioned and classic looking x

  4. Oh wow this looks completely stunning, I want to pick this up for myself!! xxx

  5. These sound amazing and now I feel like I gotta purchase Artemisia as my daughter's middle name is Artemis!

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