Halloween Cheshire Cat Look ft. Vision Direct

Monday, October 05, 2015
Halloween Cheshire Cat Look ft. Vision Direct
Halloween is almost here *squeals*, it is one of my favourite holidays, closely followed by the mother of all holidays - Christmas. For the past couple of years I have been creating Halloween looks of varying success...and I couldn't wait to create some this year. As Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite cartoon films as a child, I had to create another Cheshire Cat look but unlike my previous look, this one is based on the Alice in Wonderland film featuring Johnny Depp. 

I received the *Freshlook Colourblends Contacts in Turquoise (found here at £14.48 per lens) which are prescription coloured contact lenses from Vision Direct. I chose the turquoise shade as the Cheshire Cat does have teal/turquoise eyes in the film but if you didn't want this shade then there are a range of others to choose from including amethyst (which would be great for the original purple Cheshire Cat look), Honey and Gemstone Green which looks amazing! 
Halloween Cheshire Cat Look ft. Vision Direct
I've been wearing contacts since I was 17 so these were quick, easy and fuss free to put in, remove and wear for hours and unlike other coloured contacts I have tried, you don't see the colour while you're wearing them which makes them feel like my regular lenses. They look so vivid and bright on my eyes and are perfect for this look. They may be a little expensive but I think they are the most comfortable and bright coloured contacts I've tried. 
Here is my step by step guide to achieve this easy but effective Halloween look:

1. I prepped my skin with my daily moisturiser and applied a mixture of the green, lilac and silver shades from the Makeup Revolution Corrector Palette with a combination of my Real Techniques and Spectrum brushes until the base is even. Stipple the foundation/base you are using to add more coverage. To add extra colour, I used the blue shade from the new Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite lipstick collection around the perimeters of my face for more depth. I then set the base with the Essence Fixing Powder but you can use any white powder so it won't affect the colour. 

2. Next up, I used a range of black liners from Essence and Makeup Revolution to draw in the nose, mouth and teeth as well as a swirl at the end of each corner which makes it looks a bit like a Tim Burton character to me. It is a little time consuming but it is a Halloween look so it doesn't have to be completely perfect. I filled in the nose with a purple/plum lipstick from Duwop; I also filled in the teeth with the yellow shade from the same Makeup Revolution Corrector Palette but a white face paint would be better. 

3. This step is the one that makes the look, in my opinion, I used so many liners of different shades and textures to add the effect of fur. I used a silver shimmer liner from Rimmel as all as navy and blue liners. 

4. Now onto the eyes and brows. I used the Eye of Horus Teal Malachite Pencil to fill in my brows and the Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette to create a winged out blue smokey eye with most of the deeper blue shades under the eyes and the outer corner - blend, blend, blend. Lastly, I lined my upper lash line with the Colorsport black liquid liner and my upper/lower waterline with a black kohl pencil. Then the best step, add the contacts! Make sure you hands are clean and free of makeup before you add the contacts. 

Overall, I'm so happy with the way this look turned out first time round as it is simple and easy to create but so effective. I have to say, the contacts are comfortable to wear and they really make this look! Vision Direct have a great range of coloured contacts which would be perfect for halloween or fancy dress parties. This is a sponsored post. 

What do you think of my first halloween look of the year? Have you tried any coloured contacts?


  1. This is such a fun look! I haven't decided what I want to be for Halloween yet, and this is such a good idea! Great post!
    xo Kiki

    1. I have a few other halloween makeup posts coming soon too x

  2. totally love your eye makeup
    Keep in touch

  3. This looks amazing, you've done such a great, artistic job! Love the colour of the lenses too!


  4. That is incredible! Looks brilliant :) The contacts look cool too!

    Rachel - Cake Doesn't Count x

  5. Beautiful, I need to do it on Halloween. Cute but scary :)


  6. Oh wow... it looks amazing! Well done!


  7. This looks amazing and the lenses finish it off perfectly!!

    Jess xo

  8. Wowee! Amazing look hun. xx


  9. Oh wow, that is amazing and you did so well with the makeup!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. So pretty and I love cats so if I ever get dressed it will definitely be a cat costume

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  11. Wow you look amazing! I wish I could be as skilled as you with makeup!

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  12. This is amazing, LOVE those contacts!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  13. I've always feared wearing lenses as I just feel like I will hurt my eyes, but these change the colour of your eyes so much it's kind of making me want to try them for myself. Love the Halloween makeup look overall, it's fab x

    Beauty with charm

  14. This is absolutely amazing - you are so talented! I too love the Cheshire Cat :)

  15. When completed, wipe the cat's coat with a dry cloth or towel to remove all loose hairs.see here now


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