Pestle + Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Friday, September 18, 2015
Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum
Over the past year or so hyaluronic acid has become the 'it' skincare ingredient with numerous brands bringing out moisturising and anti-ageing skincare containing hyaluronic acid as well as including it in some foundations. Studies have demonstrated that the use of hyaluronic acid shows statistically significant effects with regards to moisturising the skin, skin texture and skin elasticity (for more information check out the study conducted by Jegasothy et al, 2014). 

I've tried a few products containing hyaluronic acid but not one like this as it is composed of sodium hyaluronate which is the salt of hyaluronic acid and is much smaller so it is able to penetrate the skin deeper than hyaluronic acid can. When the *Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum (£33, 30ml) arrived, I was excited to give it a go!  It also contains vitamin E to soften the skin as well as a form of microscopic alga to restore the efficacy of calcium metabolism - calcium is essential when it comes to epidermal functions. The Pestle and Mortar serum doesn't contain animal derived ingredients, parabens, alcohol or fragrance and it isn't tested on animals which is fantastic as I always try to use cruelty free products whenever I can. 

First up, I have to say how much I love the packaging and bottle - the design is so minimalist but luxe and I love it! I also like the pipette dispenser as I can control exactly how much product I need so there is no waste at all. The serum doesn't have a scent which is what I always prefer in my skincare. The hyaluronic serum claims to plump and hydrate the skin leaving it instantly glowing and firmer. 

The serum feels light on the skin, it absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth, moisturised base (without being greasy or oily) onto which I apply my moisturiser. The serum doesn't irritate my eczema at all and as it is so moisturising and smoothing, I don't have to use as much moisturiser. I've been using the serum for three weeks or so and it has definitely helped with my dry skin and my skin texture too - it's so much smoother!

Overall, I love the packaging and the pipette dispenser as it completely stops product waste. It doesn't irritate my skin and it leaves my skin moisturised and smooth. I do have dry skin on the whole and I know now that autumn is almost here it will be even drier so this serum will be an essential for me! I have tried the famous Hydraluron from Indeed Labs which I liked but I much prefer this serum. I would definitely recommend it if you have dry or very dry skin. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

Have you tried the Pestle and Mortar Serum? Have you tried any hyaluronic acid skincare? 


  1. I love using serums I think they work best on my skin! Lovely review

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I haven't tried this yet but it's on my list! I have quite a bit of skincare to use up but will definitely buy this at some point! Great review! xx


  3. I haven't tried this one but I sometimes use Clinique's serum. Thank you for the review! x

  4. This sounds absolutely lovely. I too love the minimalist look of the packaging. You don't need it to be overboard to look luxe!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  5. Sounds great! I love that it didn't upset your skin, I have super sensitive skin that reacts to everything, miss to hear that there are more gentle formulations out there. I've been using a cheaper hyaluronic serum, it has definitely helped my dryness. I love the packaging on this one though, very lovely x

  6. I haven't tried anything from this brand but I do like the sound of this product..definitely putting it on my "to try" list :) x

    Brenda BusyBee

  7. This sounds really, really lovely and I love the bottle and look of this too - it's simple, fresh and just lovely! :)

    Layla xxx

  8. I have tried a few serums with Hyaluronic Acid and they did helped hydrate my skin. Will definitely put your recommendation on my shopping list as during Winter my skin normally becomes very dehydrated. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  9. I really like the sound of this. My skin loves vitamin E and serums and is often dry and dehydrated so really would benefit from a good dose of hyaluronic acid x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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