Kelly Brook Audition No.1 EDP

Thursday, July 02, 2015
Celebrity fragrances aren't something I usually go for, the only ones I've liked have been from Kylie Minogue however I love to try out new fragrances so when this beaut landed on my doorstep I was quite excited even though I'm not really a fan of Kelly Brook as such but she always looks gorgeous! I have the *Kelly Brook Audition No.1 Eau De Parfum (£14.95, 50ml)

Firstly, lets talk about the gorgeous bottle. It is very art deco which I love and it is quite unique. In my opinion it does look much more expensive than it is. Kelly Brook has numerous fragrances out already and this latest edition has been created to be honest and confident as well as glamourous scent, just like a first 'audition'. 

The fragrance contains the following notes:

Top notes - juicy bergamot, melon, dew fruit, wisteria and water apple

Heart/middle notes - iris, heliotrope, woods and patchouli

Botton/end notes - sweet vanilla, amber, benzoin and musks 

One point I hate about some fragrances is that they just spray a load of perfume onto the skin/clothing but this fragrance has a very fine mist which I love and it means I'm not drenched in perfume. The fragrance initially is very sweet, floral and powdery to me with hints of sweet fruity notes. After a few minutes the fragrance dries down to be more subtle but still very noticeable as well as more vanilla based and less fruity, on my skin. The description and notes included does make it sound a little generic but it is quite different to all of the other perfumes in my collection. The fragrance lasts for a maximum of six hours on me. 

Overall, it isn't typically what I would choose but it is a gorgeous summery fragrance that I think will suit a lot of people, particularly younger women. The longevity and packaging is great especially considering it's a celebrity fragrance which do have a slight reputation of being lesser quality than traditional perfumes, in my opinion. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Have you tried any celebrity fragrance recently? Will you be trying Kelly Brooks latest fragrance?


  1. I like the packaging on this one it definitely doesn't look like a celebrity fragrance and sounds quite nice.
    -- // x

    1. It doesn't! The bottles for some celeb fragrances can be really cheap looking x

  2. While I like the sound of the Top and Base notes, the heart notes slightly turn me off.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. I always love notes of woods and patchouli! Everyone's different I guess, especially when it comes to fragrance x

  3. The packaging is so beautiful! Loved this review Heather.

    Laura | ♥ xx

  4. The smell of this is divine! Great post!

    Mon Petit Billet


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