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Friday, June 12, 2015
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Last month I was featured on the Tombola website, along with other bloggers, talking about the true signs of friendship and to me one of the signs of true friendship means that you can talk about taboo, sensitive topics, in my opinion. I find that myself and my friends can talk about labour/birth, periods and other fun topics like that without feeling embarrassed which I am so grateful for. Also as my parents are nurses and my sister is a student nurse I feel as though I can thankfully talk to them about sensitive, taboo issues or problems. 

Survey Results

A survey conducted by Vagisil in February 2015 asked 2,000 women aged between 18-65 years about their attitudes and embarrassment about intimate health. The survey found that '47% of British women felt embarrassed when the word 'vagina' came up in conversation' and to be honest, I would feel a little uncomfortable and I think it is because of the traditional, stiff upper lip and reserved nature which is inherent within the British culture as a whole. Worryingly '42% of the women asked stated that they would rather speak about anything else rather than intimate health issues' which could potentially lead to problems and delays if a problem needs to be dealt with. 

Also '47% of the women said that they were too embarrassed to talk to friends or family about intimate health issues' which is quite telling of our British sensibilities, although I think that I could easily talk to my best friends about issues like this as we have been very close for at least 11 years but failing that talking to your GP is essential if you are worried. At the GP practice I go to there is only one female doctor so I would definitely try to book an appointment with her - I wish there were more female doctors in my GP practice. '15% of the women surveyed suffered with a problem that became worse because they didn't talk to their GP about it' but what needs to be remembered is that many topics when it comes to health can be embarrassing and these are issues that a lot of people face so in theory there shouldn't be anything to be embarrassed about. 

Statistics regarding the media were also shocking as '70% of women said the way the media portrays womens bodies makes them feel less confident about their own body' which is such a sad but true statistic, as I also feel like the media portrays such perfect, slim, hairless portrayals of women that are impossible to live up to and it can be upsetting, in my opinion. However, there may be a positive side the media as '79% of the women feel that the society is becoming better at talking about womens issues' and I do agree as there are celebrities such as Angelina Jolie raising important issues regards womens health, so there is a positive impact. 

Tips, Advice and Products

Vagisil, Dr Becky Spelman and the women within the survey suggest tips on overcoming embarrassment such as:

- “Look at it rationally and if it seems too much try breathing in through the nose for 3 seconds and then slowly out through the mouth, focusing on the feeling of the breath."

- "Take a deep breath and be open & honest"

- "Be aware that you are not alone and act confident & be brave"

- "Mostly importantly, in my opinion, remember that doctors have seen it all before"

Vagisil’s range of intimate treatment and daily care products are specifically designed to look after the health of your intimate area. We all take care of our face and body using special lotions, washes and creams; just like the rest of our body, our intimate skin benefits from targeted, specific products. This is a sponsored post.   Check out the Vagisil #EndEmbarrassment video!

What are your opinions of the Vagisil survey results? Would you talk to friends/family about intimate health issues/problems?


  1. Very interesting, MERCI! New on my French blog: I straighten my hair and I eat Fraises Tagada


  2. This is a great article & very true. I find it easy to go to my GP because it's mainly women, but I wouldn't want to talk to a male doctor about female issues even though they are trained to deal with them. But I'm the same with my friends, we talk about everything!
    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk / / x

    1. I wouldn't want to talk to a male doctor or nurse about female problems and sadly there is only one female doctor at my GPs :( x

  3. Such a great post to end stigma against female issues.

    Check out my Kylie Jenner MAC Lipliner giveaway <3

    1. There is definitely stigma and preconceptions about womens 'issues' and it does need to change x

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article it was really interesting! I also prefer to see a female doctor i just find i connect with females more when it comes to personal issues.
    I have a mixture of friends some i am more comfortable with than others but we all get on great and understand one another :)

  5. Such an important topic to discuss!


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