Silkn Glide IPL System: 7 Week Update

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
On Sunday (22nd March) I used the Silkn Glide HPL System for the seventh week in a row and I'm noticing some great results. I wrote a post about my initial impressions and how the device works, here. One point to note before I write about my results and experiences is that everyone is different so this product will work better/worse depending on your skin/hair colour, what level you use, how often you use it and your hair growth cycle.

I first started using the device on the lowest/weakest setting (level 1). From weeks 3 to 5 I have been using it on level 2 and now for weeks 6 to 7 I am using the device on level 3. The level you can use is dependant on your skin and hair colour. The lower the setting the quicker it will be to use and the higher the setting the brighter the light and the more effective it will be. I feel as though my hair is quite stubborn and the higher the setting the better. Level 3 is working much better than the two previous levels for me personally. 

I have only used the device on my legs and after about 3/4 weeks I started to notice some results - sparse patches around my ankles which have stayed virtually hair free! In other areas (around the back of my legs and around my knees) the hair hasn't disappeared but the thickness has been dramatically reduced - the hair seems to be half the thickness than it was before I started using the HPL system. 

I have used the device for seven weeks now and as well as the sparse areas around my ankles and the back of my legs, I have also noticed some sparse areas on my shins which is the area that is the most dense and stubborn *TMI*. I am now using the device more thoroughly and it does take longer (about 20 minutes) but I definitely think that the higher levels are better for my skin/hair type. Between the weeks 1 to 5 I wasn't using the device very accurately/thoroughly but now it does take longer as I am trying to cover every little area - it is difficult to know where I've used it. I think I will have to keep using it for at least another couple of months to see more results but so far I am very happy with the progress. I will update in a month or two on my continued progress. 

Overall, the device is easy to use and it is pain-free (I just experience a slight warming sensation but nothing painful or even uncomfortable). The device is a little loud on the higher settings and after using it for a while but so far I would recommend it. I personally wish the progress was a little quicker but I can't have everything; also I wish the instructions were more helpful/in depth.  For more information on how the device works, how you should use it and more check out my first post on the Silkn Glide HPL System (here) or the Silkn Solutions website (here). 

Have you tried a HPL/light or laser hair removal device? 


  1. I've never used one of these before though I am sometimes tempted to try one! Good to note that you are having good results with it. Maybe I'll take the plunge! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. It does seem to be working, all be it slowly x

  2. I've never tried this before but so nice it's easy to use! Great review.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. I would love to try this, I had laser hair removal before at a salon but it didnt work so I would love to see how this fared compared to it xxx

    1. I haven't tried laser hair removal, it sounds painful! xx


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