7 Minute Fit With Davina

Thursday, March 05, 2015
I am one of those people who will never go to a gym, I find the idea completely terrifying and potentially very embarrassing so for the past four/five years, I have been using at home exercise DVDs from numerous brands, so when this exercise DVD landed on my doorstep I was quite excited!

I have the *Davina 7 Minute Fit DVD (£13) which was kindly provided by Cash Generator and I have been using it on and off for a couple of weeks now. Firstly, when the DVD starts there is almost two minutes of legal/medical warnings to cover the markers of the DVD which is really annoying. From the DVD menu you can select a workout to do or a tutorial; there are quite a few 7 minute workouts to choose from including ab fix, fitness challenge, as well as a warm up and more. I always do the warm up first as it is so important before any form of exercise. 

The workouts are only seven minutes each so you can just take part in one or you can mix and match the workouts you have time for and specify the workouts to the areas you want to improve. I personally love the more stretching/yoga workouts as I'm quite flexible anyway and they are just more enjoyable for me but I do need to take part in some of the ab focused exercises more *damn you Dominos for tasting so good*

The tutorials are short videos which focus on squats or lunges for example, they are not really tutorials for you to take part in, in my opinion, they come across more as instructional videos that show you what a particular exercise 'move' is supposed to look like. I personally don't find them very useful as I am not a complete stranger to exercise and exercise DVDs but for those just starting out I think it would be useful to an extent. 

Within the workouts and tutorials Davina is not the instructor, she is taking part in each exercise with her male instructor who provides useful tips and explains how each exercise helps tone which muscles for example. Davina is a well known celebrity here in the UK and she seems like a genuinely nice person and she looks so healthy and toned, especially for her age. However in this DVD she sometimes comes off as a goofy, awkward sidekick to the more knowledgable instructor but on the whole it is an enjoyable at home exercise DVD and I love the stretching workout - it is great on its own or as a warm up to my specific yoga DVD. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend giving this workout DVD go, especially if you only have time for short periods of exercise as the workouts do tend to cramp in quite a lot of exercise into the seven minutes but it is not very strenuous although saying that I am only 22! If your looking for a more full on, hardcore workout then  this isn't for you especially as you progress through the workouts, they become easier as you improve - definitely go for the Gillian Michaels 30 day Shred as it's amazing!

Have you tried this exercise DVD? What does everyone think about blogilates?


  1. I've been looking for a decent workout DVD, as like you I am terrified of the thought of having to go to a gym! Thanks for sharing, I might give this a go soon :)

    At least this way I only have my cats to make a fool of myself in front of lol!

    Laura x | http://www.laurasallmadeup.com/

    1. Oh and I was meant to message you on Twitter but it completely went out my head! I received the parcel from the PR company for your "Girls Night In" giveaway, thank you so much for that! :) x

  2. I have gillian michaels and davinas dvd before this one last years I think, but I use Josies high intensity interval training one everyday and do an hour as I like a good burn hahah! I like exercising from home then I don't have to worry about my confidence (or lack of it) xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. Ooh, this sounds great! I'm so lazy but need to do some exercise pretty bad - I'll have a look into this!


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