Favourite Bands Of 2014

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
A bit of a different post today, a late 2014 favourites post and this one is all about my favourite bands/artists of 2014. I have a couple of other 2014 favourites posts in draft but my blog schedule has been too busy to post them but I will be publishing my favourite youtubers of 2014 shortly. 

Firstly, Vampire Weekend! I've been loving their music since I discovered them last year (better late than never)! My favourite songs of theirs from 2014 are: Holiday, A-Punk, Diana Young, Horchata and Giving Up The Gun - the latter isn't  just because Jake Gyllenhaal is in their music video...A-Punk was the first song I listened to and I instantly fell in love! I not only love their unique songs but their music videos are pretty unusual too. 

Now before I go into this band, I have to say I did discover them while watching my guilty pleasure...Eurovision *hangs head in shame*. Eurovision is a kind of enthralling circus of euro-pop, strange costumes and optimism even though the UK always comes last. However on occasion an amazing band emerges such as SoftEngine, their music sounds so familiar I feel as though I've been listening to them for years. Something Better is definitely my favourite song! 

Lastly, my favourite band of last year: Catfish And The Bottlemen. I found out about them three/four months ago and I have literally been playing their album, The Balcony, constantly (no exaggeration). Fallout, Cocoon and Kathleen are my favourite songs. I usually don't buy full albums but after listening to two of their songs, I bought the full album from iTunes. Definitely check them out! 

A couple of honourable mentions have to go to: Fall Out Boy and Tenacious D. I would love to see these bands live! The O2 have a lot of events and shows coming up including: The Kaiser Chiefs (another one of my favourite bands), Paloma Faith and The Script tickets

What were your favourite bands/artists of 2014? 

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  1. It's hard to me to call my favoutire bands or artists... but i can say that in 2014 i listened to Hozier & The Neighbourhood too much! i'm literally obsessed with their songs :)
    xx, Marina

    1. I haven't heard of them, I will have to check them out :) x

  2. Vampire Weekend will always be an old fave, saw them live in 2010 (wow 5 years!) and it was great!

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, I would love to know your thoughts:

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  3. Great post, love the variation!

  4. Great post, love the variation!

  5. Love these types of posts! I will definitely give them a listen as I love discovering new music I like :)

    Emily | ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  6. Catfish and the Bottlemen album is awesome, I love it. I also love Royal Blood and have just downloaded The War on Drugs album which is proving to be a bit of a hit :-)


  7. I love Catfish and the Bottlemen! Going to see them in March! :D x

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  8. I really like Catfish and The Bottlemen.. Kathleen is one of my most played/loved songs. I've recently rediscovered my love for Imagine Dragons (after I saw them live last year and they were amazing!)
    Natasha x


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