Christmas Gift Ideas: Sewlomax Lipstick Pop

Friday, December 19, 2014
As some of you may know, I am a Sewlomax ambassador; I have mentioned and reviewed them on my blog numerous times. I was kindly sent one of their newer releases - the Lipstick Pop! You may have seen this on my dream wish list post (here). 

I have the *Red Lipstick Pop (£15) although there is also a pink version which is equally as cute. I love the giant lipstick shape/design, I think it would be great as a fun clutch bag as well as a great makeup bag. As the bag is quite long and thin, it would be a great size to fit in a handbag; also as it is quite long at 29cm it will be great for makeup brushes! I find that the one thing my many makeup bags don't accommodate are my makeup brushes but this bag would solve that problem! 

I think this bag would make a great christmas gift as a lot of women love makeup but it can be difficult to buy makeup for other people so this would be a great alternative to makeup but it is still beauty related. I also think it is a really unique gift, I haven't seen any makeup bag like this before and it is really well made and as it is embroidered by hand, it is extra special! 

There are so many makeup bags and toiletry bags available as well as glasses cases (mens and womens), camera cases, leather bags, purses, tablet cases, wash bags and pencil cases so there is something for everyone - click here for more information. Also some of the products can be personalised, I have a personalised lipstick pouch!

Have you bought anything from Sewlomax? What do you think of this bag? 


  1. This looks amazing! It's definitely rare to find makeup bags that can hold brushes and look so cute :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock


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