Review: LookBookStore Mint Faux Leather Bag

Monday, August 18, 2014
I was kindly sent a couple of items, of my choice, from the online store LookBookStore which have a wide range of clothing, bags, jewellery and accessories. I chose this bag as I have a bit of an addiction to bags and I don't have a bag in this colour. 

I have the *Lookbookstore Mint Faux Leather Bag ($41 USD) which comes with two handles, a shoulder strap, one large interior space as well as two extra zip up pockets either side of the main compartment. There is a little detachable strap with a clip at the end which I have been using for my keys - so I can find them quickly instead of searching through my bag for an hour. 

The bag is a gorgeous mint green/blue shade which is perfect for spring/summer and it has gold hardware that looks so pretty against the mint faux leather. I love the shape of the bag, it reminds of Zara bags - the winged shape is everywhere at the moment! There are four studs on the bottom of the bag which are really useful as the bottom of the bag will not get as dirty or marked over time. I would say that the bag is a medium size, it isn't huge but it is definitely not small. I can fit everything I need in this bag including my purse, iPad mini, iPod, notebook, snacks, my bridge camera, hand cream, beauty extras and more! 

I love the extra two pockets on the side, I use one for tissues/hair ties etc and the other for notes/receipts and pens. The zips feel well made, although the zip for the main compartment doesn't span the whole length of the bag which is a bit annoying as there is an open space at one end of the bag which someone could reach into. To help with this I keep my more valuable items at the other end and where possible I keep items in smaller bags inside the main bag! 

Overall, I am very happy with the bag, it makes a gorgeous summer colourful bag! I like the design and quality, for the price, and it fits everything I need and more. My only problem with it is the little padlock on the front which I don't like and the zip which doesn't span the length of the bag. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you bought anything from Lookbookstore? What do you think of this bag?


  1. well i have heard a lot about lookbookstore, need to check them out soon
    i like the color of bag
    keep in touch

    1. Hello Pooja! We're thrilled that you liked our bag's color. You can visit our Lookbook Store Bag to see more of our lovely collections!

      Lookbook Store

  2. Stunning colour! xx

  3. I really like the colour of this and the fact that it has so many compartments.

  4. I have this bag in black which I ordered off of Ebay for about 3 pounds and so I was quite surprised how good it actually was when it came. It's the perfect size as I don't like massive handbags but it's not too small either. :) I love the colour of this one so might have to check out Ebay and see if they have this colour in stock. :)

  5. This looks like a really nice bag, LOVE the colour!

    Mon Petit Billet

  6. Thanks for the honest review, have never shopped their site before!



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