Review: Pedikur Hand + Foot Cream

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Summer is that dreaded time to get your legs and feet out which means that they have to be prepped and looked after - something most of us forgot to do during the colder months, I do anyway! I find that using good foot creams over even a short period of time can really help and with my holiday coming up very soon I have been packaging on the foot cream! I was kindly sent the *Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream (75ml) to try out by Beauty Chamber, to check out their site, click here. Honesty as always, click here, to check out my disclaimer. 

Firstly, the packaging is a little simple and some could say boring but it is all about the product inside. This cream contains lanolin which is great to lock in moisture by providing a protective barrier. The cream also contains SLS and a couple of parabens which isn't great but it does list some natural ingredients such as: thyme, rosemary, beeswax, almonds and more. 

The cream itself is quite thick but it has a very smooth texture so it applies quickly and easily to the skin. It smells herbal but not overly so, it is a really nice scent! The cream does take quite a while to sink in so I haven't been using it during the day - I have been using it as a kind of overnight treatment with cotton gloves and cotton moisture socks. It eliminates pretty much all of the dryness and tightness overnight, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated without being greasy. 

Overall, I am really happy with this product and although there are a couple of drawbacks, I think it is a fantastic treatment almost for the feet especially - perfect for the summer months! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried this product before? Have you bought anything from Beauty Chamber?

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  1. I am always looking for good hand cream and so I will definitely check it out.



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