Review: Moroccan Oil Light Treatment

Monday, June 23, 2014
I have wanted to try Moroccan Oil (the genuine, original one) for ages, I have tried some hair oils but I have been disappointed in one way or another with them. I was kindly sent this hair oil treatment from Hairtrade via EtailPR, click here to check out my disclaimer. 
I have the *Moroccan Oil Light Treatment (£31.85) but you can buy a smaller 25ml bottle. The bottle came with a screw cap on and the pump separately and it was easy to change. I love the packaging and bottle of this product, it looks really luxe and expensive which makes me want to use it more! The text is easy to read, the bottle feels quite heavy and the product has an 'ultra light formula rich in anti-oxidant argan oil that instantly absorbs into hair to immediately enhance manageability, shine and deliver long term conditioning without leaving residue'. This product is aimed at people with fine or light hair, neither of which I have, but it works really well for my thick, long, coloured hair. 

The pump is really quick and easy to use, it dispenses a good amount of product each time and the oil has the most amazing scent. The oil smells musky and almost like coconut - it smell similar to the new Nuxe fragrance (which I adore!). To use, I apply one pump to my hands and then rub my hands together so there is an even distribution and work it through the mid lengths and ends of my hair. I use it on dry hair and wet hair and it works equally as well either way. On dry hair I find it works to tame frizz and smooth but on wet hair it is more detangling, frizz fighting and nourishing. 

The oil doesn't weight my hair down or make it greasy in any way - it adds some shine but it is not a greasy shine and it leaves the nice scent in my hair. I feel like this product conditions and nourishes my hair while providing smoothing and frizz taming results. I think this one bottle will not last me a long time as I am using it every other day! I think that this product is definitely worth the money and for me personally it lives up to its claims. ★★★★★, 5/5!

Have you tried this product before? Have you bought anything from Hairtrade?


  1. I've never had the budget to splash out on Moroccan Oil but it sounds so so good. I've had similar cheaper products which work wonders! :)

    Nicola x

  2. Hi there^^,
    I´ve been wanting a bottle of moroccan oil for ages too :) But I simply can´t afford it, it´s too expensive :( But it sounds great!!!
    Have a nice day!

    1. The Argan Dew one us nice too as is the Osmo Berber oil x

  3. I use a Moroccan Oil from Aldi and love it. I swear its helped my hair grow a bit!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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