Spring Homeware Wish List

Sunday, May 04, 2014
I have already posted a spring beauty wish list, which you can see, here and a spring fashion wish list, here. It is such a nice time of year although right now it is still a bit cold (welcome to England) but  we can dream of brighter, sunny days! I am drooling over a lot of homeware recently as my bedroom is going to be redecorated soon and I am getting a new wardrobe (too many clothes not enough space....there is no such thing as too many clothes) which is why a lot of the items are bedroom decor related. Here are my current spring homeware picks!

1. Yankee Candle Bunny Cake Large Jar Candle (£19.99): Oh my, oh my, how cute is this candle! I think it is a limited edition scent for easter. As you can see from the items I am a bit obsessed with cream, grey, aqua and baby pink....I love candles and Yankee Candle is one of my favourite brands. This candle is supposed to smell like sugary coconut, creamy vanilla and bright citrus - so delicious!

2. Debenhams Ben De Lisi Grey Signs Felt Cushion (£35): As soon as I saw this I fell in love not only does it incorporate all of my current favourite colours but the design is just amazing, I love it! I think it would look great in my new bedroom design I have planned. 

3. Asda George Home Mint Wall Clock (£10): This makes me think of american diners in the 50's for some reason, I love it and it is mint green/aqua! I think it would look great as a pop of colour (I hate that expression) on a creamy coloured wall. 

4. Asda Pink Glass Soda Jug (£5): I can imagine a hot summer day (unlikely in England but work with me), the birds are singing, children are having water fights and there is an abundance of fresh watermelon and strawberries - that is the scene I imagine using this soda jug in - a bit far fetched I know but it just screams spring/summer.

5. Monsoon Home Slate Heart Coasters (£9): How adorable are these slate coasters . They look great and they would make a fantastic gift, in my opinion. I have never had slate coasters but I imagine they are really durable and they look quite expensive. 

6. Zara Home Coloured Handle Fork/Spoon (£3.99 each): I am really quite picky about cutlery (strange I know) but these look right up my alley. I love the shape of them both and the coloured handle. They come in different colours too. I don't visit Zara Home as often as I should, they have amazing and very unique homeware!

7. Zara Home Bubble Vase (£19.99): I am going to have to make an order on Zara Home soon, so many beautiful things, I cannot possess them all (points to you if you know who said that). I have recently started to buy flowers - I guess it is the typical blogger thing to have in the background of photos so I thought I would try it and this vase looks perfect. 

8. Asda Eiffel Tower Lamp (£20): How unique is this lamp, I have never seen any lamp like this - it is part lamp, part mini eiffel tower... So cute, I think it is a nice statement lamp that isn't too crazy, I think it would look great in my bedroom or study/office.

There is my rather massive homeware wish list, I could go on but it is quite long already! What is on your spring homeware wish list?


  1. I love the clock and the pillow. The colours are just so lovely and calm.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  2. Great post! I love the mint green clock and cute jug, makes me want fruity cocktails! :) x


  3. That cushion is gorgeous and just my style. I'm not sure if I can justify paying £35 for one cushion though. How amazing is that lamp as well?! I'm definitely going to bookmark the link.


  4. I love the colour scheme!

    Laura- DemandBeauty xo

  5. I love that lamp! It looks alot more expensive than it is and Asda!? Wouldnt of imagined Asda selling things like that x


  6. Yankee Candles are great; I find the burn time to be a lot longer than some other candles. The Bunny Cake scent sounds yummy, too!

  7. wow! I really love your wish list! and the Asda Eiffel Tower Lamp is gorgeous!

  8. Everything on your wish list is now on mine. These are all beautiful items! <3
    mishmsxo http://mishmsxo.blogspot.com.au/

  9. That pillow is awesome! I want all of these things, so fun! The colors are perfect too!

    <3, Pamela

  10. That Eiffel Tower lamp is adorable! On my list for the big room redecoration! xx

  11. The Eiffel Tower lamp is so cuuute!!! Good list affordable to the pocket!

  12. That lamp is so unique, I absolutely love it! Also want that cushion, it's super cute <3

    Rebecca Coco

  13. I love that cushion and I can't believe that lamp is from Asda. It's so unique! x


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