Review: A Curious Fairytale Daisy Necklace

Saturday, May 17, 2014
I was kindly sent this necklace to review from a Manchester based Etsy shop called A Curious Fairytale a few weeks ago; I am always happy to support local companies. Honesty as always, to read my disclaimer, click here
I have the *A Curious Fairytale Daisy Choker Necklace (£5) which consists of a daisy pendant on a 16 inch choker length gold tone chain. Firstly, the packaging is so cute and well presented; it would make a lovely gift! The necklace itself is equally cute, adorable and perfect for spring. I do not normally (or ever) wear gold or gold toned jewellery as I don't think it suits me at all - and to be honest I think it looks cheap on the whole. However, I do like the gold chain paired with a cute daisy but I would like it to be silver which actually is now available!! 

I have been wearing the necklace with my Topshop petite baby pink knitted jumper (which is the softest jumper ever) as I think the cute daisy looks pretty on a baby pink background - along with topshop jeans and grey ballet flats. The chain length is quite short as it is a choker length chain but I like that as I hate very long necklaces. It is light, comfortable to wear and it looks very cute. 

Overall, I am very happy with the necklace and the cute packaging which again would make it a fantastic gift. The necklace is so inexpensive too at only £5 and there are lots of other necklaces to choose from. For more information about A Curious Fairytale, click here. 

What do you think of this necklace? Have you bought anything from A Curious Fairytale? 


  1. That's a really cute daisy necklace for spring specially with this trend if falsies going around
    Happy weekend

  2. Lovely post, perfect for summer!

    Mon Petit Billet

  3. pretty necklace for spring, love it!

  4. Pretty spring necklace ! Just perfect !

  5. Love your new necklace, it's so sweet!!

  6. It's a cute necklace! Definitely matches the springtime. I like how it's packaged, too!

    xx becky /

  7. that necklace was very very lovely <3

  8. Super pretty...I need to wear more jewllery, I never seem to wear any! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  9. i love the necklace daisy!


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