OOTE: The Perfect Murder & Star Sightings!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Last night myself and Gemma went to the Manchester Opera House to watch a play called 'The Perfect  Murder'. The night we went to watch it was the first night the play was performed in Manchester and we saw Roy Cropper (David Neilson) from Coronation Street and Freddie Flintoff! #FanGirlMoment 
Outfit of the evening (OOTE) - Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Top: Monki, Jacket: H&M, Bag: Asos and Wedges: Newlook. 

The Opera House was quite hard to find, especially because of all of the road works and diversions. When we arrived there were photographers, probably because of the celebrities in the audience (a few other actors from Coronation Street were there too). The play is described as a noir comedy and it definitely was. There are only five characters in the play, a husband and wife who are both having affairs and a policeman. There are a few famous people in this play such as Les Dennis, Clarie Goose (Casualty) and Grey O'Brien (Coronation Street). 

The basic plot of the play: "Victor Smiley and his wife Joan have been married for a long time. But their marriage has reached crisis point and Victor has decided there is only one way to get Joan out of his life forever…but he's about to get a nasty surprise………. As a young Detective Roy Grace starts to investigate his very first homicide case, dark forces intervene and Grace begins to fear that nothing is quite as it seems, in this entertaining dark comedy thriller. "

The first 30 minutes of the play was pretty good but then Gray O'Brien came on - in his boxers...I think he gave the play more levity and definitely made it so much funnier! There were some twists and turns, especially towards the end (I don't want to give too much away!) but it was fantastic. Some people brought children to this play, in my opinion it is NOT suitable for children - there is swearing, violence, fake blood and more! 

Overall, a great play, well worth watching with lots of funny one liners! It is only based in Manchester for the next three days I think and if you are going to see it at the Opera House, bring a jacket and don't expect the seats to be comfy - it is quite an old theatre! 

Have you watched this play? Or read the book from which it is based on?


  1. Love going out in Manchester, theres so much to see and do! Great post :)

    Mon Petit Billet

  2. I really like your jacket, Heather. Very chic and edgy :)



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