Review: Earthnicity Minerals

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
I was kindly sent a few makeup samples from Earthnicity Minerals (through The Blogger Programme). I have not tried mineral makeup before but I have been interested in it for a while especially as Estee from Essie Button uses quite a lot of mineral foundations.
 I received four samples to try including: Concealer (ivory), Skin Glow Light Finishing Powder, Blush (Sweet Pink) and the Foundation (Natural Light). I was a bit reluctant to try mineral makeup for ages because I have dry skin and I thought it would just emphasise dryness but after using these products I really do like the idea of mineral makeup and I might have fallen in love with one product in particular. 
Swatches (left to right): foundation, concealer, silk glow powder and the blush on the far right. 
Earthnicity Minerals Foundation (Natural Light): Firstly, as you can see from the swatches above (the foundation is the far left swatch) - the shade 'natural light' is too dark/orange for my super pale skin tone. I have been trying it though and as it is buildable it doesn't look too dark on my skin. To use I have just been tapping out some of the mineral powder into the lid of the tub and swirling my brush into the powder. Then I have been buffing it into the skin lightly as I do have dry skin so I am quite light handed with it. The foundation does blend well, it doesn't look caky on the skin and it has light- medium coverage, depending on how much you apply and blend. I would use it a lot more but it is too dark for my skin and it isn't as much coverage as I need for dark circle etc - ★★☆, 4/5.

Earthnicity Minerals Concealer (Ivory): This product is the one that I have fallen in love with, it is the perfect shade for my pale skin. I have been using it with my Ecotools mini kabuki style concealer brush and it is fantastic. You can see my disgusting pores on my forehead above, before and after concealer there is a massive difference. This concealer erases pores like nothing else I have tried, it is magic! ★★★★★, 5/5.

Earthnicity Minerals Silk Glow Finishing Powder: I personally would not use this as a finishing powder, it is far too shimmery for that in my opinion. Third swatch from the left in the photo above. I have been using this powder as a highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and my brow bone. It is a lovely shimmery highlighter that works well with my super pale skin. It blends well and it looks really pretty on the skin. ★★★★★, 5/5.

Earthnicity Minerals Blush (Sweet Pink): Now I am not a blush kind of girl at all, I rarely wear or buy blush so I was not super excited about this product. But the shade is really pretty and I think it would be great during spring/summer. The blush is buildable, as with all of the products (expect the highlighter) it starts out quite sheer but you just apply more and blend until you get the effect/coverage/intensity you want. ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Overall, I LOVE the concealer and when the sample has been used up I will be buying the full size! The highlighter is also gorgeous. I am not massively impressed by the foundation, mainly because of the shade and I am used to liquid foundations. The blush is pretty and I would recommend it but as I said I don't really wear blush. You can buy sample sets for only £5 so if you are interested in mineral makeup I think Earthnicity Minerals is a good and affordable place to start.

Have you tried Earthnicity Minerals before? 


  1. I'm always in the hunt for good mineral makeup because I love the finish for everyday. But I have very pale skin and normally the "pale" shades are too dark for me :(
    The Beauty Break @

    1. Have you looked at lily lolo? I am super pale and I'm their third from palest shade! So different for me :-) Rach xx

  2. This does look interesting, and at the fraction of the price of bare minerals?

  3. I haven't tried any of their products out yet but i'm sure i'll give them a go at some point :)

  4. Great review, these products look nice. I wear nearly all mineral make up as I find it so effective and long lasting but with a super natural and subtle finish.
    Rach xx


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