- Sale Buys #1 -

Monday, January 06, 2014
December is a time for giving....and buying! The december sales are the main time of the year when I buy - treats for myself and presents for others birthdays and even christmas next year! I did go crazy last year but I haven't this year (proud of myself) - I have been fairly restrained. Most of these buys are sale items and I have bought these items over the past month. The next post will be just boxing day/sale items.

Dorothy Perkins: I bought two dresses (complete impulse buys) from Dorothy Perkins maybe at the beginning of December. I wasn't planning of buying anything but they were only...£5 each! Also the only size left was my size, fate. I bought a cute lace/pearl one and a lace/bow/printed one too. 

Zara: I have been eyeing up this bowling bag from Zara since the beginning of October and a couple of weeks ago I saw it in the 'special prices' section on the Zara website. It was reduced from £30 to £17, I do love it but it is a bit big. 

Superdrug: A couple of little bits from superdrug, I bought the keratin shampoo from Tresemme and I bought the Brilliant teeth whitening kit as I have heard good things about it and it was less than £4 (shockingly cheap - I had to get it). 

Marks and Spencer: This year quite a few shops had their christmas/January sale really early - about five days before christmas, madness! I bought three gifts in the M&S sale. Firstly I bought a set for my dad the 'Dapper cologne and shave set' which was reduced to around £7.99. I bought two cooking books - a chocolate one for a friend which was £5 and The Cooks Encyopedia for me which was also £5. 

Asos: Two nail items from Asos which you might have already seen if you follow me on instagram. I finally bought a nail art pen/marker - the Barry M Nail Pen in white. I also bought the amazingly gorgeous Rimmel Space Dust polish in the shade 'moon walking'. Both were around £3.99. 

Amazon: For new year this year we had a fancy dress theme (although everyone apart from me and my dad went in onesies, cheats!). I bought some fake stick on moustaches for my dad to wear with his Poirot outfit. Everyone ended up wearing them, even the dog! I also bought a tub of the Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser but it came in a different tub than my previous two tubs and it seemed different - I contacted organic surge and they asked for the batch code and it didn't have one. I still don't know what it going on. 

Organic Surge: I didn't know what to do with the amazon one I bought so I bought another from Organic Surge themselves and it too didn't have a batch code and it definitely seems like a different product - maybe around £17 down the drain - still waiting for a response. 

Boots: Finally just one purchase from Boots, the Una Brennan Rose Face Scrub. It was 1/3 off at the time and I had heard so much about this brand so I had to try it. I love this scrub it is amazing and it doesn't irritate my skin. 

Phew, that is the first part of the sale buys series - there will probably be two more posts, we will see....


  1. We had a Marks and Spencer in Vancouver waaay back when I was quite young - too young to appreciate it. My mother still remembers it quite fondly. Anyway, you certainly picked up some neat things at some pretty great prices!

  2. The dress with the floral skirt is really lovely x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. wow you got some great stuff!

    I'm also doing a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you're interested!


  4. Would love to see a review on the teeth whitening kit!

    Daisy x

  5. Cute pair of dresses at only £5 is really good. I like the zara bowler bag and rimmel's space dust nail polish, have a nice day heather! x

    Essence of Jess

  6. I am loving the dress by DP. Impulse is always right option. Zara bag is pretty col too. Looking fwd for more.
    Joined you blog too.


  7. Love the creamy looking dress! great buys


  8. Haven't had a chance to go sale shopping yet, so fingers crossed I manage to find some gems!
    look forward to the next one :)


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