- Review: Joules Terrific Treats Bath Wash Trio -

Thursday, January 02, 2014
Another product review, I was sent this gift set to review from Joules - even though it was sent to me, my opinions expressed in this review are my own and honest - for more information about PR and my disclaimer, click here. To check out more products from Joules, including clothing, click here. There is an outlet section and festive savings/offers on currently.
The set is the *Terrific Treats Bath Wash Trio (£18). It contains a body wash souffle which I was really interested to try out, a body scrub and a body butter. Each tub is 300ml which is massive - it is a very substantial gift! The packaging for the set is just gorgeous, I love the bright colours, cute floral box and the ribbon - it feels very unique and it has a slight British heritage feel about it. I have noticed these Joules sets at Christmas time in Boots for the past year or so and they always look great!

Body wash souffle: I love the packaging of these tubs, so cute with the colours, tin lids with a rabbit embossed on the top. The body souffle was the product I wanted to try the most as it sounded really unusual - I don't think I have tried a body wash souffle before. I have tried it as a body wash and it is pretty amazing, I love the consistency, it lathers well and it feels really nice on the skin. It doesn't strip the skin, it is fairly moisturising. I have also used it as a shave gel and it works amazingly well, it makes the skin smooth and moisturised. 

Body scrub: The body scrub has a strange consistency, it feels like a gel! Very unusual but it actually works really well as an exfoliant. It does scrub the skin but it is not too abrasive. It does have a fairly strong scent, very clean and fresh smelling (as all of the products do). 

Body butter: The body butter is similar to the Body Shop body butters, it is very thick and smooth. This body butter applies really well, it smells nice (it is subtle which I like) and it leaves my skin feeling super smooth, soft and hydrated. Unlike some body butters I have tried this one absorbs really quickly. It is a fantastic product for the winter months and it will last me a while!

Overall, I love the packaging and presentation - I think it would make a lovely (and heavy) gift! As well as the three tubs of body products you also get a £10 off voucher to use on the Joules website. I think all three products are great, I love the body butter and body wash souffle! I would definitely recommend checking Boots (online or instore) for this set as it will be half price now in the sales.

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  1. I've been looking for a new body scrub to try out and this sounds great! I love sets like this :) great review.
    Bea x

  2. Since my Rub Rub Rub from Lush is almost empty I have been lookinh for a new body scrub. This one sounds amazing.


  3. Since my Rub Rub Rub from Lush is almost empty I have been looking for a new body scrub. This one sounds amazing! All I need now is the money to buy it ;)


  4. I love the colourful packing, need to check the sale at boots :). Thanks for the review!


  5. I love trying new body products and this spuds good.. Intresting new feature :)
    I am inviting you to join my SammyDress giveaway with 2 winners
    Keep in touch,

  6. I looked at these in Boots just a few days ago and would have bought them but one of the pots had been broken x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. This looks lovely and I love the colors and packaging!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  8. I never knew Joules did bath type products but I'm glad they are products that can actually used, rather than some brands effort which is any other than pleasant.

    http://ambertypes.blogspot.com xx

  9. Ooh this looks like my kind of gift set. I love skincare products. I find that Joules tends to be quite expensive but I'd definitely consider purchasing this. £18 for three 300ml tubs is pretty good, considering how expensive these types of products are nowadays.


  10. I had no idea Joules did beauty products I'll have to investigate - I know it's not important but I love the brightly coloured packaging.


  11. I always see Joules gift sets in boots at Christmas, like you said - they are always very cute in appearance but I've never really known much about the quality that the products would be. Really interesting to read your point of view :)

  12. I always love body scrubs to feel quite abrasive so you can feel as though it's working (beauty is pain) I may have to give this a go soon! :)
    Ellie, xx
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  13. I was looking for a new body scrub so I'll look for it in boots :) it's true the appearance is really cute.

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