Easy Halloween Makeup: The clown

Monday, October 21, 2013
This is the first time I have ever done any kind of halloween clown makeup tutorial/idea and I did scare myself a little while taking these photographs but it was a lot of fun - I LOVE experimenting with makeup and this was a great excuse! 
No photograph effects, natural lighting
Well here are my attempts at a halloween clown makeup - I am not a makeup artist a fact that is obvious but this is just a bit of fun and I love makeup and the past couple of years I have loved halloween and the build up to it. 

The first look (far left) is a toned down makeup, I wanted to show the stages of how you can make a simple clown makeup more dramatic and dark/bruised. I started everything off with my Barry M Creme Foundation in the shade 'white' which has medium coverage and I makes my pale skin even paler. I used black and brown matte shades to contour my nose, cheekbones and jaw. I added some black and brown shadows over the lid and all around the eye for depth and shadow - I use the Sleek Oh So Special Palette and the MUA Undressed Palette. I filled in my brown with a black shadow and made then darker and a bit more thick and angled but in a kind of messy way. 

I drew black lines in a cross over the lids and quite far down for the traditional clown eye look, the pink scar is just a extra for another makeup but added extras like that can make the generic clown makeup look more unique and quirky. I use my Yves Rocher lipstick in the shade '101 framboise' on and around the lips - for a batman/joker look I extended the lipstick to the side of the face - like the jokers smile (aka. heath ledger). 

To darken the makeup I just added more browny shadows around the eyes, along with some dark pinks to make the skin look a bit bruised and worn - all shades from the Sleek Oh So Special Palette. Black liner is from Pixi. I added some black shadow to the lips again to make the lips look bruised and kind of dead in a way. I also added a circle of red lipstick on the nose for a more clown look as it was starting to look a bit zombie like. All shades were matte as I glittery clown or zombie wouldn't be right!

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