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Monday, September 02, 2013
Here are some of the books I have on my Kindle app on my iPad mini - I bought them for summer, apart from one book which is a long time favourite. I do like to read on holiday, particularly on the balcony on our royal Caribbean room in the sun. These five books are my summer picks that I read on holiday!
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1. An Idiot Abroad - The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington: I love the An Idiot Abroad TV series (I think they are coming out with a 4th season!) so I had to buy the book. I actually bought a couple of karl pilkington books for my mum and she likes them. I can't wait to read this because Karl is just so funny and quite mancunian!

2. Can You Keep a Secret, Sophie Kinsella: I have had this book for a while. A friend lent it to me in college (four years ago now!) and I loved it. I have read it a few times on my kindle and now I have the Kindle app on my iPad mini and I need to read it again! It is a fairly unusual, very funny and entertaining - a definite chick flick must read. The chick flick film and book genre is really over done, in my opinion, but Kinsella adds a new refreshing voice to the genre. 

3. Is It Just Me? Miranda Hart: I downloaded the first chapter of this book a few weeks ago and I loved it (even though it is a little repetitive) but you can just imagine Miranda hart reading it to you (not in a weird and creepy way...), it is just so her and so funny! I can't wait to read the rest. Oh and I highly recommend the TV show Miranda too, such fun. 

4. First World Problems, 101 Reasons Why The Terrorists Hate Us, Ben Nesvig: I was going to save reading this book for holiday (when this post is uploaded I will already be on holiday) but I couldn't wait to read it. It is a bit unusual but funny and lighthearted. Allow me to explain, a first world problem (not very politically correct but anyway) is a problem that isn't really a problem, such as 'I burnt my tongue because I couldn't wait for my pizza to cool down' or 'my wifi is not as fast here as it is at home' or 'I can't decide what to buy' etc - it is a bit of a controversial topic but the author makes it into light hearted humour that will have you smiling and giggling as you read it - I have finished this book now and I really liked it.

5. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth-Grahame-Smith: Finally, a classic, well a classic with an unusual twist. I have read pride and prejudice mostly at school but I think this one will appeal to me a bit more! Firstly, what women out there doesn't like period dramas (especially involving a hunky, wet Mr Darcy...) but throw in some zombies and you have me hooked! Not a typical summer read but I can't wait to finish it. 


  1. Ohhh I need the idiot abroad book! x

  2. Can You Keep a Secret and First World Problems sound like my type of books! I've also done a favorite books post recently if you're interested. :)

  3. Can you keep a secret is soo good! I finished reading it last night in one sitting!
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    I Took Part in Nivea's #DareToDip Campaign!

  4. Ahh i'd love to read the Karl Pilkington Book! Is he as funny on paper as he is on the TV?



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